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Hello, I went swimming a early june and few days after that my ears started to hurt real bad and it gave me terrible headaches coming and...
Hi, I had follow up mastoid surgery (mastoidectomy) in March of this year, after initially having successful surgery to remove cholest...
Hello Over the past month or so I have been addicted to popping my ears, by which I mean holding my nose and blowing so my ears pop, I...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what can cause My hearing to go away and come back as if an on/o0ff switch? for a few years now I ha...
please help i have a bad left ear ache, been to docs, had 2 courses of antibiotics, not worked. my ear is clogged up, it has fluid in it ...
Hi, My niece has vicing problem from her birth itself. She always get cold or fever because of no mother feeding from the seventh day ...
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