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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to how to prevent and treat diseases, treatment for chronic conditions or find solutions to puzzling diagnostic problems that affect adults.
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My child was diagnosed with fifth disease a few days ago. I also developed a lacy rash on my arms. The rash lasted a few days and a fe...
My roomate's dog was last vaccinated in September of 2014. Two days ago, I caught him with a dead bird (don't know if he killed it or fo...
Dear doctor, I would like to ask a question: is it usual or frequent to see high level of ferritin in people with Beta Thalassemia Min...
I had a CT scan done a few days ago that revealed that I had an enlarged spleen. My liver, kidney, gallbladder all checked out ok. So the...
I have been having vertigo for about 2 months now. It has been getting better (less frequent) but i still occasionally get it. It has ove...
I went to my doctor for follow-up on blood tests and abdominal ultrasound results. Everything appeared normal except for a small gallston...
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