Medhelp Gardeners Group

Whether it be a single container garden or a huge backyard garden, you're free to come and share your gardening experiences with other members, get help, and just have fun. This also includes houseplants. Need help with a troublesome houseplant? Here's the place to discuss with other members and get help. All we ask is that you please keep all discussions appropriate for general audiences and safe for work, family, etc.
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My Fav
Anyone here have them? What are your favorites and please add some pics if you can...We just started ours this year and I have some prett...
http://news.yahoo.com/asian-megapest-chomping-us-orchards-072755177.html A stink bug from Asia is chomping up US vegetable fields, orc...
I was wondering what everyones favorite vegetable is they they grow? I would have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE home grown salad ingredients. (...
Hi All:) I started my very first garden this year. I planted romaine hearts, Ice burg lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers (which are blooming li...
So the container in my back yard, had all this green stems shooting straight up. I could tell I planted (something) but I cant remember ...
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