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I’m gonna be honest I just don’t really know where to ask this? I’ve been thinking about how I do this a lot with different media and I’m...
This has been getting really concerning for me, and has caused a lot of stress for a while. I have suffocated myself with my hands aro...
My son was born with CF and had a double lung transplant 13 years ago. He is considered disabled and draws Medicare and Medicaid. He does...
I am concerned about a guy I recently started dating. He can be talking in a normal tone and conversation one moment and then all of a su...
i literally am soooo young , im 16 n i think thats too young for love anyway but i need advicee pls. im abit of a party animal n i sleep ...
suffer with severe OCD and false memory and can never determine what is the truth and what isn’t but recently found out I am pregnant an...
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