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This is a patient support community for mental health issues. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, support, resources, and effect on families/loved ones.

If you are in crisis or need assistance, please visit our Crisis Page for resources in your area.
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about a year ago, i overdosed on over the counter sleeping pills and now I can no longer feel any of the affects of alcohol, medical mari...
Sir, I had a question. my younger brother suffers from schizophrenia. He is currently on 10 mg twice a day tablet dosage of olanzapine...
She is 19 years old and she told me was beaten really bad by her father and was taken to the hospital in a shock condition. She says the...
(now called Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another or sometimes Medical Absuse). Though it started when I was a toddler, it carried on in...
I have been taking sertraline and aripiprazole for schizo-affective disorder I have now been been put onto amitriptyline for pain relief...
Ive posted here before about other things, and the help given was really helpful. but suddenly everything seems to be going down. In my l...
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