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Hello I was hepb positive few months ago.. Now i am negative and have Antihbs titre around 13...LFT normal, fibroscan normal.. Problem i...
I have a feeling that I have a specific OCD, but I'm not completely sure. I have a problem with obsessively drinking water. I've been dri...
Hi, I'm 15 years, male, and have self diagnosed myself with OCD, based on the recurring symptoms, such as repugnant thoughts (I've overco...
Like six months ago I read some tweets about a singer talking about transgender people and now the thought of me wanting to be a man can’...
I had to fill out one of those endless forms to see a new PDoc and one question was "Do you have any formal diagnosises?" Well there is ...
I've had several episodes of OCD fears since I was 14. I'm now 32. It ranged from thinking I had HIV on many ocassions to thinking I was ...
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