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1.5 months ago, I started experiencing my heart pounding and racing right after taking over the counter diuretics (Pamabrom) for a few da...
I have Social (pragmatic) Communication Disorder and find it extremely hard to talk to people normally. Often I feel anxious when engagin...
My dog Chaos got shot and killed right in front of me because someone was scared of him. Is it the cause of my panic attacks and not bein...
Hello a couple years back I had a hiv scare I took at least 15 hiv test all we're negative and lost thousands but I was convinced I stil...
I want my life back I don’t know what else to do. I feel I’m doing everything I can but failing. I was accuaintance raped last year and e...
I am diagnosed with ptsd and suffer anxiety attacks are benzos and alprazalam good f
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