Pleasingly Plump to Plus-Size Pregnancies Group

This is a public group for plus-size women who are TTC or pregnant. Let's share our experiences and concerns while we celebrate our curves and enjoy the new additions to our families.
i can finally say IM PREGNANT! =)
I know that there is a question posted in here, but I was wondering if you ladies could tell me what you think. My profile picture is of ...
I haven't felt my baby move for over two weeks. I am 18 weeks and 3 days. This is second baby and i felt my baby moving (but not kicking)...
I am only 5ft 1inch tall (short). Prepregnancy I weighed 142 pounds. Prior to then I was 175 pounds. In total I lost 33 pounds. Now th...
Ok, so I will probably sound like a crazy lady, but this has been bothering me for the last week . . . I *think* I have a small baby b...
I am very interested to know how much the ladies out there gained during their pregnancies? If you would not mind to share with me yo...
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