Skin Cancer Community

Yesterday noticed this weird mark on my skin. It is on the left side of my stomach, on my side. I recently had a stage 2 cancer mass remo...
A light brown rectangle mole/scab/spot suddenly appeared 2 weeks ago on my inner thigh. I am 20 and female with thin skin and have ha...
I have a mole on my abdomen that I recently noticed changed. It has 3 white dots inside the mole…does that sound concerning?
I had this weird bump 5 years ago, I just woke up and this appeared. It was red then and after a few days(I didn't touch it) it turned in...
Hi, so I have something that looks like a raised mole, with a top that is squishy and can be moved from one side to the other. It is brow...
I had a freckle that changed shapes in abour 3 weeks the area was irritated before it changed. Now there is just a pink scar where the fr...
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