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Hey community, I am not a medical professional, and I would like to seek suggestions on likely possibilities based on the information ...
I had a freckle on top of my foot it did change a bit in the last weeks it was mostly tanned but looking at it more it had a bit of darke...
A couple weeks ago I ripped off a mole it scabbed I kept picking at it it scabbed a couple times now it’s healed and is a scar with like ...
I posted a question a few weeks ago about some spots on my leg. They turned out to be nothing. But I showed the PA 2 very small ones on m...
Two years ago I had this pimple-looking lump of about 3mm on the side of my nose, it had a white tip and felt like a little hard stone in...
40 year old male. About 4-6 months ago my wife notices 2 new moles on my lower leg near my ankle and shin. Not sure how long they’ve been...
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