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Skin Cancer Community

i developed a mole in my eyebrow around 2014, it’s now double in size, it’s raised it feels like a hard bump and when i washed my face th...
Hi. I am a 50-year-old woman. I have fair skin and have had my share of bad sunburns, especially as a child so I always have this fear of...
I found this spot about 3 months ago. There is a round area on the sole of my foot which has a slightly darker colour than my skin tone ...
I have obtained a red dot on my lower pelvis that looks odd, hasn’t changed size and has only gotten a little darker looking overtime. If...
I just come from the dermatologist who diagnosed pre-cancer on my face in several spots. He prescribed 3 options for treatment, and I wa...
Hello, Is it normal for a freckle to change over a period of 2 years? I have been keeping an eye on a new one that appeared on my shou...
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