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I already have a derm appt. I have a few asymmetrical moles that are between 4 and 2mm wide. All flat, same color roughly, and painless....
Hello, I recently noticed that one of my moles on the left side of my hip has started to get a scab like thing on it but I’m not sure if ...
Hello, I'm a 34 yrs old woman. Both of my big great toes look bruised at the toe nail around the inner lateral nail folds.. I noticed thi...
I had a tumor removed from my buttocks. It was dark red, hard and it was getting bigger. I noticed it several months ago and thought it w...
A new study shows that fat cells may be responsible for melanoma becoming "aggressive and violent." Removal of these fat cells actually ...
I did my fourth Opdivo treatment a few days ago and was told after the treatment that my blood test was showing that my liver enzymes wer...
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