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I had a brown spot on my scalp around March 2019. But then I had checked later and couldn’t find it and thought it was gone. I just now (...
My dermatologist gave me these 2 options for some spots on my face. He's pushing more for D+C because I'm older. I'd concerned about the ...
I have some random red dots on both hands, they are also over my arms/body/legs. Completely painless and can’t remember ever not having t...
My plam has tiny holes in the creases of his palms and fingers line then there make a red mark and start pain, These little holes will ge...
I have a mole on my back that I just noticed has changed..I have had the mole for 8 to 10 years . I'm attaching a picture showing what it...
I have a small reddish cyst like bump on my upper eyelid that I’ve had for a few months. It’s not at all painful. I feel like it has beco...
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