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A good song. :)

This song helped me, who knows what it is really supposed to mean, but I know we have our own meanings for lots of songs. :)


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Not a bad song, liked the lyrics........sara
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i know we all have our own meanings for songs that touch us...
but i think Adam Lambert is singing about exactly what we're going through... word for word.
when i hear it, it really makes me think, sad but stronger at the same time.

...helps me to realise...

this is the song that touched me
dont know if its you're kinda tune, but it just makes me feel... something... deep.

im supposed to be a strong kinda bloke, but when i hear her, im close to dropping salt water   '={

especially when im going through this depressive state...

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glad you both liked it ;) Music is so important to me, especially now!
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Listen to the Beatles..."Let it Be" Panda.
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thanks MP, just saw this, going to listen now ;)
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How ya doing Panda?
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Thanks - great song
This is MY song - you know?
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that was a GREAT song! Thanks for sharing :)
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