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Cured! No More Hep C!

My doc emailed me my 6 month post treatment labs. Hep C undetectable which = CURED!  Thats it....I can close the door on this dreaded chapter of my life and move on. I just wanted to share my joy with my MH friends. It feels really good! You know, I used my Hep C diagnoses to keep me in active addiction. My addict brain used to tell me that Im already dieing so why should I stop using...but that was a just taking the easy way out. I love life and dont want to die so I got clean and treated the Hep C...now every breath I take I am grateful to God for it. Life is wonderful.
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Acting, I am so happy for you. You are one of the lucky ones.

I too had/have Hep C. I got it back in the 80's before there was treatment for it. My doctor didn't know what to do so he gave me antibiotics. Of course it did nothing. I went to what I pray was my last rehab and got clean. I started to feel better and lost the yellow skin and eyes. I was tested (separately) for Hep C and HIV a year out and both tests came back negative. I don't know how the Hep C was cured but I thank GOD every day that it was.

Now that I am clean (after yet another relapse) I am grateful for what I have today and know that I am one pill, one bag, one whatever from having that life again. I don't want to go back. I know I have another run in me but I don't know that I have another recovery. I'm not taking the chance.

Like you said: Life Is Wonderful!!!!!
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That is fantastic news!! I am so happy for you. I know exactly what you mean by letting your illness define you and cause all sorts of reckless, self destructive behavior. I have several health issues and have to put myself in check daily. It's so easy to get bogged down, depressed, and just give up. We are worth the fight though! Take care of yourself my friend and always keep your head held high.
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Absolutely amazing news my friend, so so happy for you, this has just made my week. I can't even imagine how happy you must have been after that call, the release must have been immense. Your future is just looking brighter and brighter Evan, grab it with both hands and hold on tight. Big smiles from across the pond, ;)
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Wow, this is such great news!  We ARE definitely worth the fight!  Thanks for sharing; it is so nice to hear such wonderful and positive news. Welcome to the rest of your new, healthy and happy life!  So happy for you :))
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Soo awesome!! I'm really happy for you. Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your life, my friend!!! Xoxo
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That is AMAZING news for an AMAZING person!!!!!
Is their any doubt?
GOD IS GREAT and will see you through the storm!
.                      its been a LONG time but
IM DOING THE HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU EVAN!!!!! Absolutely INCREDIBLE! WHAT a FANTASTIC way to start the day! Thank you for sharing!
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This is such great news Evan!  so so happy for you my friend!  no one deserves this more!  thanks for sharing the happy news!!  i'm joining Rosy and doing a happy dance for ya!  
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I have the HAPPIEST Tears of JOY for YOU!!!!
GOD is Good!!!  lol

Bless U Always my Friend..

PS. Now you can come up and Saw some wood! ha!
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Yeah abn!!! I am so so happy for you!! This is AWESOME!! God is good!!
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I know I have another run in me but I don't know that I have another recovery. I'm not taking the chance.

IBK those words hit me like a truck, that's exactly how I feel all the time. Head up peeps, we got this, ;)

Evan I though I had sent you a note yesterday but I've been having trouble logging in, it must have kicked me out after I sent it and you never received it, I don't dare send another note to anyone as it seems to happen more with those, still smiling for you my friend, truly!
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That was the best way I have ever heard it put myself..I also feel like I can go on a run right now, but I know I will not make it or cut way more of my life off. Lets get real here..It will never be over until its really over..lol
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That's fantastic news!!  I'm happy for you...you must be so relieved...
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Hey guess what.....now you are no longer "ActingBrandNew" cause you ARE BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And a young man at that!!!!  Sharing in your joy....simply delighted for you~
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This is just awesome news to hear Evan !!!   I am so happy for you buddy !
Modern medicine is just unbelievable sometimes !  ;)))
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@ Everyone

Thank you all for the kind words and support. You guys are all truly and absolutely AMAZING friends!  

I joined MH because I was on Hep C treatment and needed support. It was by accident that I stumbled across the addiction forum. I had never know it existed. Im soooo happy and grateful I did because I have met all of you. Hep C treatment was very hard on me and often times I felt very alone. The interaction I had with many of you on the forum helped me get through some rough times.

I think MH is great especially this forum. Many of us will never physically meet in person but we are all kindred spirits and its just amazing how those of us that have been selfish in nature through our addiction can become so selfless and give freely of our support and time to help others in need. Words really cannot do any justice to how I feel about all of you....just AMAZING!

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@IBKleen - I remember you mentioning in a previous post about Hep C and was always curious as to if you treated. You answered my question that I never asked :) Your right...I am very lucky that I was able to be cured. The medication is not 100%...as a matter of fact, for my specific genotype I had around a 70% chance of cure. In your case, it seems that your body cleared it on its own. That happens in about 15% of the population who are exposed to HCV. So you are actually one of the REAL lucky ones :)

@ Ric- Ah yes...modern medicine has come a long way. I just want to put it out there that there are new medications (all oral / interferon free) that will be reviewed by the FDA come December. All the trials have been successful and the cure rates are phenomenal. Hep C will be a thing of the past in the next 5 years.

@ Vic - Im chapping up and on my way :)
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Evan, what awesome things god has in store for you my friend!!!!!!!  I'm so excited for u.  Love ya buddy!!!!!!
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Acting....you are a VERY special one. I am so glad you wondered on in here and hope you stick around. You are an inspiration to this community!!!

And oh yeah....GO PACKERS!!!! (LMAO)
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First, thanks for bumping this up for me Vic!

Evan, this is Fantastic news, my brother!! I know how you suffered throughout the course of the meds & their debilitating side-effects. I know that you went into this knowing that they don't work for everyone & were aware of the attendant risks. I'm inspired by your act of faith & determination. I send you my heartfelt (& I DO mean heartfelt) wish that beauty, health & joy flow into a life that you've been steadily working to change. No one deserves it more. I have tears of happiness & release rolling down my face right now as I read through this thread. We've all worked & struggled so hard..!! I salute you.
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I just saw this. That is awesome!! You deserve bro. Now you can focus on something else and I know you will do something great with that extra mental/physical time and space. Another recovery miracle. Wow. You give me hope. Never giving up really does pay off.
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Now I am crying..lol
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This is such an amazing story of VICTORY!
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