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Hay.. everyone.. I'm BACK

Oh my goodness.. It's been soooo long.... Missed everyone... but had to deal with LIFE and Death!  
My Mom passed away on July 4th... 10 years to the DAY that my Dad did!  I sooooo miss my Mom but I know that she is in a better place.. Up there with my Dad!  Now.. it's just the process of going thru all of her treasures.. of a LIFE TIME!  It makes me cry sometimes... but.. most of the time.. it makes my heart HAPPY!  
Still have.. The Worlds Greatest Horse.. Husband... and Son... (in that order) ....tee hee hee.,.
Oh yeah...Broke my arm and wrist 3 days after my Mom died... Got bucked off a horse I was training... (Memo to self..."Do NOT train other horses")  Was kinda scared about getting pain meds for my arm/wrist.. but, I was OK..Pretty proud of myself!  
Hope all is HEALTHY AND HAPPY out there in MedHelp Land...
I've missed EVERYONE!  
Life is GOOD!
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Oh girl i am so sorry to hear of your mom passing.  I hope you are finding some comfort in her memories.  Yes they are treasures and ones that you will always hold close to your heart.

Poor Mr Ed.....he had to compete for attention!!

Glad to see you, now dont be a stranger!!              sara
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Sorry to hear about your mum,God Bless

It's great to see you back here,looking forward to hearing more stories about Mr Ed

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Welcome arms!  THANK YOU!  
Memories of Mom are STRONG... Thank goodness for family AND friends!  

Of note: Was able to "throw a saddle" on Mister Ed the other day.. which was HUGE since I broke my arm...Not an easy task... but I did it!  Drug FREE!

I have soooo missed being able to ride my pony boy since my Mom died... Mister Ed has always been able to make me feel better..Thank goodness I'm able to ride now... It's been 4 months....

I'll keep in touch.. everyone out there please do the same!

Love you all.... forever and always

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I am so sorry to hear about your mom, but I am really glad to hear from you!!!

I bet Mr. Ed missed you!!! Did he give you a ride for your money? I once thought I could just get on a horse that was not ridden in awhile. That was one heck of a ride lol!
17 hands is a long way down. They told me to take her in the ring first but noooooo, :)

Keep in touch!!

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Just an update:  Thanksgiving was HARD without my Mom around...I miss her so!

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I'm sure you do miss your mom.. I'm very sorry to read of her passing.. my prayers go up for you and your family. she has lent you many traits she had within and they will come in handy at this time.. warm hugs lesa
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my son passed away 2 years ago the 23rd and I still feel his loss....I take great comfort in many things and can sit here working looking at pictures of him now...sometimes I dream of him and sometimes I feel his presence..

But my family here has been such comfort and day by day, while I still miss him, I'm growing to accept it and think of pleasant memories, his beautiful smile, rye (?) mischievous grin, and the punfests we used to have, and the phone call I got from him one day "Dad....I got my 90 day pin last night"...and I think of all the friends he had who loved him so.

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