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How I Got off of Methadone.Hope this helps someone.

I was taking 40 mg of methadone a day for atleast 5 years
June 18th I took my last 10mg methadone

June 19th- felt normal for the most part

June 20th- were with out any severe wd symptoms

June 21st- wd symptoms were very severe with RLS but really only at night insomnia is starting to show. Im still doing menial chores at home

June 22nd- Very bad day WD symptoms of severe RLS , Headache and insomnia

June 23rd got out of bed around 10 am went to the store got vitamins zinc magnesium and calcium and vitamin D after taking that The RLS seems to be minimal very light chills. Around 5pm walked 1 mile in extrem heat and swam for about and hour.

June 24th- wd symptoms;,some sneezing ,light chills and severe head ache 9 pm start geting RlS ,Insomnia, Took calcium zinc magnesium and vitamin D and went to sleep at 2AM
I got out of bed around 9am not really much sleep 1 to 3 hours ,at 11 am I swam about an hour.I walked 1 mile. I went to stores for food,some menial chores

June 25th- I woke up at eleven oclock drove 5 milles to stores to buy food,2Pm Minor carpentry work on the house ,Sneezing symptom is fully present, with a pretty good day so far got alot of sleep last night starting feel beter about this process,I just notice my hands  hurt  but not extreme pain.I had a good nap from 5 to 7 pm.I walked 1 mile after supper.wd symptoms very faint.I took zinc magnesium and calcium and vitamin D before bed.

June 26th- Not a good night laid down at 2am up at 5 am no sleep RLS was just enough to keep me awake hands and arms are hurting pretty bad this morning.just cooked breakfast and walked 1/4 mile done several menial chores around the house

june 27th- wd symptoms continuous sneezing, RLS ;Woke at 10 AM I didnt get a lot of sleep last night but did get a few hours after tossing and turning forever;11 pm still not asleep I did manage a dinner date for our 18 anniversary.walked for exercise. Not a bad day

June 28th-wd symptoms RLs, Insomnia went to sleep 4 am to 10am

June 29th- wd symptoms insomnia RLS Headache not a horrible say but not great; I started taking a iron supplement I think it has helped RLS. I really just need some energy to do something its a chore just doing house chores.

June 30th-Insomnia, sneezing, and RLS

July 1st-Went shopping out of town Insomnia and RLS at night ;Sneezing with light chills during the day The worst part of this whole process is the insomnia .I would not go back for a minute Im on a trilateral rise . The key to this is Take good vitamins along with magnesium and zinc and vitamin D and do some type of light excercise or menial chores daily

July 2nd- wd symptoms Rls at night during the day sneezing ,Fatigue from not alot of sleep. I did manage to get out of the house for awhile.

The first 2 weeks I took lots of hot showers. It just seemed to relax me . Also took magnesium  zinc and vitamin d along with centrum muti vitamin  .For additional help with RLS I wrapped my foot and ankle  with ace bandage  but not tight you want snug but comfortable it really seems to help.

July 3rd- Managed to get a little sleep Rls has been the worst part of this .Im still getting very light chills. I did manage to make it to a cook off for a few hours.

July 4th-Few hours sleep I started taking a OTC drug legatrin PM it doesnt last long so you will wake up, but it does make you go to sleep. Went grocery shopping with the wife and that like to have done me in just from the lack of energy and her OCD .Then she blast me with the A/C knowing that I have light chills .Yes were still married.

July 5th- Lots of sleep on this day probably from being run down from lack of sleep woke up feeling great just not a ton of energy . Energy has got to come up , I have stuff to do.

July 6th- I slept a few hour last night i feel really good my skin is not burning like it has been. Rls is still present at night but im thinking I had that before I was put on methadone.Sneezing is not as present as it was Im starting to think this is my last days of wd symptoms.
7th wd symptoms sneezing light RLS, I am getting alot more sleep now thank god , I feel really good  . I am working on getting my strength built up to last a full day . It will come

July 8th wd symptoms sneezing , light rls, very light chill every now and then . But Im great getting some sleep working on the home . Stayed gone most of the day carrying MIL to Dr appt.

July 9th wd symptoms sneezing , lots of porch sweeping ,pool cleaning type chores today also got in 3 hr fishing trip just up the road (They weren't biting) I was give out by the time i made it back . It is 100 degrees here with humidity its killer .

July 10th wd symptoms headache and sneezing everything is tolerable . I am starting to think this sneezing will never end. I went to sleep at 10:30 pm woke at 5:30 AM hello that is great. I havent felt this good in awhile . I am only taking one centrum multi vitamin with energy now and drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

July 21st is when everything is back to normal and your life is great

Please note everyday I did some type of physical exercise , walking, working, swimming . Swimming is the best to start with easiest on the body also,
Take Vitamins ,Eat Bananas,Drink drink drink water a leading cause of rls is dehydration.

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Did you have the bad back pain that wraps around your belly like a belt crushing you ? I had every WD symptom you described but also the one I just said and vomiting/diareah so I was just wondering because my pain gets excruciating. So after about a month you was completely done with WD symptoms? It all is so horrible. Thanks
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