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NFL POOL-Week #17- WINNER!!!!

For our final week of the regular season it is only fitting that while Seve58, Vicki595 and ActingBrandNew were tied, that ABN won with the points. Ironic huh???

So let's give a big congratulations to ABN...great season buddy.

Here's what the rest of us did:

ActingBrandNew 12
Seve58 12
Vicki595 12
VICourageous 11
Pat1956100 11
Sonrissa 11
Heather8448 11
IBKleen 10
Quitinoxys 10
Drifter0213 10
BearsFan1970 10
Ang_811 9
FourJays 8
Addict3 7

Totals through regular season:

ActingBrandNew 178
Seve58 169
Drifter0213 168
Vicki595 164
Pat1956100 163
Fourjays 158
VICourgeous 158
Sonrissa 158
IBKleen 157
BearsFan1970 150
Heather8448 150
Addict3 139
Ariley13 132
Ang_811 126
Clean-In-KS 117
Quitinoxys 112
Dominosarah 18
Zerokewl123 7
Jugglin 7

I'll be back for the regular season ceremony. In the meantime, don't forget we are starting the playoffs this weekend with the wildcard games. there are 2 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I will have the line-up posted in time.

Thank you guys for everything. Youa re a great bunch!!!!!
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HUGE congrats to you ABN!  What an amazing season!!!
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Thanks again for another great pool IBK...a lot of fun. Now time for the playoffs!

My Cowboys get your Lions FourJays....gonna be good!
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Congrats ABN!
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Big hug ABN!  A very Happy New Year to you!
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