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Sleep issues...

While I know that the struggles I'm having with sleep are PAWS related, it still stinks.  I've been up since 3 a.m. EST this morning.  Where are my fellow sleepless friends?
Sleepless in Florida,
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So sorry your still having trouble sleeping.  My doctor has been trying all kinds of different meds to help me sleep. So many give me rls. I take .5mg of Clonodine and it really helps me when I'm having a bad night. Told the doctor and she is fine with me using it as a sleep med.  The great thing I find about it is I don't have that hung over feeling the next day.  I really wanted to go el-natural, but with menapause etc..couldn't handle the no-sleep thing. Have a great day !   Mary
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I've heard the Clonodine works for a lot of people, but I'm already on two blood pressure meds so it might just put me under... lol
Good to hear from you.  I was so lonely this morning.  There was no one for me to talk to...  
I hope you have a great day too.  I've got to teach tomorrow and finish a project to take with me, and I can't concentrate for the life of me.  
I may have to take a little nap,
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Day late, dollar short but I assume you have tried melatonin? It puts me out. Also in the morning, at the time you should wake up...put a bright light behind the knee cap for 5-15 minutes. This helps to reset the bodies clock. After sleepless nights, your clock is off too. Don't you just love all the things these pills do to us?
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Just noticed your post.  Yes, I've tried the melatonin but it also gives me a hangover feeling the next day.
I've never heard about the light behind the knee, etc.  Interesting.  This may sound stupid, but what kind of light can I use?  lol  But I'm serious.
Let me know.
Thank you,
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