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You Come and Go ... Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon

So I've been around here just long enough to kind of be upset by the people coming and going.  Someone comes on and you think they're gonna make it then WHAM ... they're gone and its like "Oh no".  Or a forum user that's on here every day suddenly doesn't post for three days and same thing, I think, "OMG, are they ok".  Some of you that have been here longer are probably used to it, but it kind of hurts.  I guess you get used to.

Right now I'm a little addicted to the forum, but if I leave I'll try to let you know first so you don't have to worry about me.
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Sometimes I get curious about people I tend to see here often and worry something may be wrong. It's natural. When that happens,I shoot them a note or message just to check on them.   People check on me, too!

Don't be hurt by it. Just send a message.  Know that usually it means someone got busy...
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It happens here with 50 members a day and just as much at meetings. It is the nature of the disease. Not everyone gets it, not everyone keeps it.

If you can just help ONE person, just one...then that is what it is all about. but you need to learn to let go. It's hard but it will make you nuts otherwise.

BTW, thanks for putting that damn song in my head which I will be singing for another week...lmao
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I've been doing mtgs online and posting in here for a bit.  The tough part is not knowing why people are gone.  If I notice that someone hasn't been around and I can't get in touch I will usually say a prayer and trust that God is taking care of them.  Lots of folks get cleaned up and move on with their lives.  It's our own sick thinking that imagines the worst.  God Bless!!
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I'm late!,... I,m late!,...

for a very important date......

no time to say hello ...

good bye!...
I'm late, ....I'm late,.....I'm late,.........
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Thanks for putting that little jingle in my head!!!
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It's 3'30am here and now I can't get the mad hatter out of my head,Thanks addict3  LOL
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God help me...I'm in here when I can, usually to take a brief break from work or to say "hi" or see how people are doing.  Sometimes my workload is such that I can't be in for several days and after working on a computer all day long just about the last thing I want to do at night/weekends is get on the computer and do ANYTHING, much as I love everybody here..

Please take that song out of my head.

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You folks are just cruel...rofl
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people only use this forum for as long as they need it...then they're gone. for some, its a very short time...for others, it may be years. i've seen a few people 'disappear' that i still wonder about because they were really struggling with barbiturate withdrawal. one in particular comes to mind. i really hope they found their way....but thats the best you can do.

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