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1 year clean today

I am 1 year clean and sober today. Its been a heck of a journey. Thank god.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! My one year is in 20 days.. I also quit smoking on that day too!!
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Hey hon!! Thank you for your endless support!! Can I ask you what your cravings felt like and do you still have them almost a year later? I’m 6 months clean and quit smoking that day too and my father just passed away so the cravings are so intense. I think I’m just looking for hope that this all gets better. It’s almost your 1 year anniversary and I’m so proud of you!!
Hey I did have cravings for sometime. once you get to a month just keep going and it keeps getting better from there. I am almost 2 and a half years clean and sober now and I have zero urges and i feel completely normal.  
Thank you so much. That is a huge accomplishment, congratulations to you! You give me hope. I still struggle with fatigue and depression so you’re giving me hope. Well done and keep up the good fight!
just need to keep going I promise you will feel better
2 more days until my 1 year getting clean.. i had cravings for about 6-7 mths.. brain fog til 9 months.. after 9 months I was finally feeling better.. I think cuz my detox doing cold turkey.. made my withdrawals beyond horrible and last that long
February 26 2023.. was the last time I took a Vic.. I was taking 12 a day for 5+ years..
I’m so thankful that you have achieved the milestone of a year clean!!! One day at a time and definitely thank our Creator !!
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Congrats on 1 yr clean!!  
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Hi Dominosarah. I hope you are well. I don’t even understand how this Board works anymore.  Certainly not like it was back in the old days. I hit 17 years in June.

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Woo Hoo!!!  Congratulations on 1 year today.  May life get better and better for you.  Way to go!!!
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