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2nd day without tabs

I have been reading all the postings and all are so helpful. I just told my husband last night that I have an addiction to Lortabs I havent taken since Saturday and its monday I feel like so scared I am going to try and do this cold turkey because right now we are in between insurances and cant really pay for rehab. I have been taken them for yrs he ask me how many did I take and I told him sometimes 10, 12 or ever how many I could get. My stomach doesnt feel well and I have been the bathroom most of the morning. I have aches all during the night that feels that my body is so heavey is this normal, the heart racing and I do not sleep. He told me to get and appt with my dr but i dont get them from a dr even though he thinks she can help. I just want to hole up in the house and get the whole wds over. How long does the diareha last. I am afraid to leave because I a constantly going even not eating I go. I am not taking calls because I know I have to stay away from people with the them. It amazes me how people can get so many from a dr and then just turn around and make alot of money my money. I appreciate everyones advice and pray that we may all get through this now and forever.
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congrats on 2 days clean and for telling you hubby.  you really need his support right now.  the physical w/ds are different for everyone but usually last around 7 days with the worst days being 3 and 4 for me.  you are right about cutting all ties with ppl that use and with dealers.  if you look in the health pages on the right you will find great info for detox.  including vitamins and stuff to help.  hot baths with epsom salt works well for the aches.  eat bananas to help with the bathroom issues and potassium.  and it is very important ot get exercize.  i know you dont feel like it.  i forced myself on day 2 to go and walk...it was the best thing i did during detox.  it helps the brain start making endorphins again....good luck you can do this.  have a little faith in yourself.  let me know if i can help you.
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Great job for 2 days!  You are getting into the brunt of the worst part of w/d.  Get some immodium.  Take 2 when you get them, then 1 after every bm (up to 6 i believe-read the box). As cathy said-get bananas.  They are packed with potassium and will help with the aching and restless legs.  For sleep, try benadryl.  you can actually take up to 4 at a time, but try with 2 to start.  It will help you get a little sleep, but don't expect to sleep much longer than 3-4 hours at a time.  The exercise is REALLY hard, but like cathy said, it will produce endorphins and you'll feel you've accomplished at least something today.  Even walking to the mailbox and back.  Try to walk 2 houses down and back.  The hot baths/showers really help also.  Drink as much as you can to keep yourself hydrated.  Gatorade, powerade drinks are good cuz they have extra minerals you need.

I know you don't want to interact w/anyone, but reach out to those who CAN help you.  This site is awesome and everyone on here has such wise information.  But, you have to be around others so the depression and anxiety don't get the best of you.  Change your phone # if your dealer has yours.  It doesn't cost anything (usually) and once you are totally free of these nasty things, you don't want an unexpected call and the temptation.  Kudos for involving your husband!! he sounds like a great guy who is willing to help you through this.  Even though your doctor hasn't been giving you the lortab, he probably will be glad to help you get off them.  They can prescribe you some clonidine that will help with the heart racing, and it really helps me with the anxiety too.  Its inexpensive too since you are uninsured.  They can also give you an inexpensive nausea medicine, and may give you something for anxiety too (like xanax).  If you get xanax be careful!  it is also addictive-but if you only take it for a wk to 10 days, you'll be fine.

you've done the most important thing- admitting you have a problem- and reaching out to others is something you won't regret.
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Welcome to the forum. We re all here to see you through this. I agree with cathy and wannabefree. Good job on 2 days and admitting this to your husband.
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