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For the past 7 years I have been on oxy and norco (10mg vicadin). At 1 point I was at 90 mg vicadin and 360 oxy a day. Even chewed the oxy. Over the last year I got down to just 40mg of oxy. Last sunday I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get off completely. I made it to the night of day 3 and couldnt take it any more. I hadnt slept in three days and had severe restless legs that just wouldnt stop. My wife convinced me to stop torchering myself and I caved in and took a 10mg vicadin and then another. I want off this stuff so bad that I even started crying the next day because I stopped my detox. I am currently only taking 5mg vicadin 4 times a day and building up the courage to try again. Atleast I no what to expect. Should I switch over to oxy instead of the vicadin before detox or does it matter which one you are detoxing from? Any help will be appreciated.
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Can't speak for everyone but for myself I can only go CT cause if I have the pills in the house I will take them. I was on Hydrocodone 10/650 and would take 3 at a time and was supposed to take 1- 3 times a day but I was taking way too many.

Hey you and your family are worth this and the pills are not.

Hang in there and post here often as there are some really good people on this forum and I thank God I found it.

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I don't know but when you said, switch to Oxy's I cringed. My husband started on Vicoden 17 years ago. I thought that was horrible, till he switched to Oxy's about 4 years ago. Now we are really in a nightmare. Oxy's are twice the scurge that Vicodin is. They shouldn't be able to prescribe it to anyone unless they are dying of cancer! IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.. Congratulations on the decision to get your life back !! You can do this. I would not in no way trade up to the oxy seeing how this is stronger and harder to detox from.. You have already started the ball rolling.. I would suggest jumping off with what you have now. You were almost home free.. the physical last about a week with day 3 and 4 the hardest.. I would suggest getting rid of the rest of the pills and share this site with your wife.. There are things you can do to combat the rls.. (restless leg) and other symptoms that you can do for yourself at home.. You are so wise to get off now and your wife once all is said and done will be amazed at the man she gets back.. the one she married and not the one whos emotions and body are controlled by opiates.. You can do this keep reading and reach out for support.. I wish you and your wife well.. lesa
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