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Any advice?

I'm at day 43 since my last Methadone which was precribed for severe chronic pain following three spine surgeries and two shoulder surgeries following a bad MVA. I currently take Endocet 10/325 as needed for pain at night. I'm planning on returning to work on April 6th been out since Nov last year. Does anyone have any ideas of an RX I can take that is long acting or slow release? Now I'm off Methadone I'm never going back on it as it was one of the most highly addictive drugs out there, and is SO difficult to quit taking with the longest W/Ds of them all. This probably seems like trading one med for another, but there has to be something else out there that I can take that is less destructive than Methadone? Any help will be much appreciated.
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You could try asking this in the pain management forum.  They are very knowledgeable there too.........
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yes,pain forum may be ur best bet as people here have for the most part stopped narcotcs..any narcotic is habit forming..methadone being one of the least abused.but it is still a doc for some, R u still in need of pain control or do u wat to quit?  this is a great place to be if quitting is ur goal
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I will probably always be in need of something to help control my pain unless the medical community comes up with a miracle cure for long term chronic and I'm not holding my breath!!! I went to a pain management program and they wanted me to titrate down by 25% on my pain meds. It was then that I decided I wanted to be off Methadone completely which I have done. I have been out of work since last November but I'm planning on returning to work on April 6th. I'd love to be off ALL opiates but just don't see how I will be able to do that when working 10-12 hour days.
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