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I've read a few posts about this stuff.  CALM or Calmag are both Calcium/Magnesium together and from what I understand both substances must be present for the each of them to be utilized properly in the body.

I've read some posts saying not to take it and others have raved about them.  I decided to go to GNC and purchase a small bottle of the liquid CalMag to see what it would do for my HIGH anxiety.  The instructions say to take 2 tbl spoons per day...I started with one and took it around 3pm...cant say I have noticed anything so I will take the other tbl spoon around 7pm.  This stuff is supposed to help with sleep as well...lets hope it works.

I'll let you guys know how it works for me and maybe it will provide a benefit to others.

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you guys keep us posted on this stuff
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Hey guys (& girls),
- got mine in the mail today. Will keep you updated to whether I think it works. Did one spoon, when I got home. Can't really tell if anything has happened yet.
I hope it is good stuff, as it was expensive with the shipping and all.
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You're right, vinegar is gross. My mom swears up and down that vinegar is good for you. I won't even tell her when I'm sick because she'll make me take some. yes, I'm 37 and still have to listen to my mother!

You, a skeptic!! Just kidding!
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Vinegar is supposed to naturally detox the body.  I'd do it, but it's too gross.   1 tbsp.  12o. of water or juice.  People swear up and down and sideways about it.  I just couldn't stomach it.  If someone told you if you ate dog poop and the withdrawals would be gone.  would you do it?  Probably.  It really ticks me off the makers ripping people off.  Look how long it took them to go after the makers of airborne.......the person made unteen millions  and people swore up and down and sideways that it worked for them.  Call me a skeptic...because I am.

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As closely as we stick to our vitamin regime, you just reminded me we have no zinc.  Zinc is supposed to curb cravings....oddly enough, we haven't experienced any.  We are all to aware the worse may lie ahead.  So be it.
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This stuff is great.  Honestly, they could almost name their price.  

We took the powdered form that is vinegar based so it is soluble and your body absorbs it immediately.  It took about 2-3 days drinking regularly to notice a big difference,  If you would like, check out my journal, I have a post about it.

The only negative I have ever heard regarding the calmag was someone saying it was a front for scientology...I personally do not care - To each his own,,,if something takes away wd symptoms.....who cares?  

Oh - You will probably experience mild diarrhea, for us this is not even close to being bothersome as this helps every other symptom to subside.  Seriously, we would love to be spokespeople for that stuff...it is awesome.
We have detoxed from methadone in the past and it was absolutely debilitating...but we did not prepare our bodies for it or research anything,  This time is a completely different experience.

If energy level is a problem get some B12 injections.  We are taking them weekly through this month, then will go bi-weekly,  Right now, we are going strong and even when we are sick, the energy is there...we just don; know what to do with it!  lol

Best of luck
steven & murphy
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i took it .mine had zink as well i thought it was great !!!!!
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