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Day 2 1/2.. Missed you guys!

Hey everyone, I am back I left this forum and began to use again as of Sept of 07!  I was not very pleased with myself as I basically gave up, so its nearly been a year and I am back. Why some might ask.. well I am just tired of hurting everyone around me with my addiction, and the person that I have become because of this horrid addiction. My addiction is to percocet, something about that little beast thats so hard to quit. I generally take about 5-7  10's or whatever strength I can get a day, when I can get my hands on them. I know the sickness that must be endured by me to feel better. (Thank goodness for the Thomas Recipe, and the Amino's!)  But something is different this time, I truly want to quit, and for myself this time. I relapsed last time because of the sickness and knowing that 1 pill would make it all stop, and I caved. Also looking too far ahead was unbearable to me, and also made me lose track. I am taking this one day at a time, one moment at a time. I believe with my whole heart and I am not doubting myself this time, and that I know. This forum and all you wonderful people truly do help when you are in the most despair times, posting always helps me. So its 2 and 1/2 days for me and my main symptems are RLS and the horrible SWEATS, but completely managable as of right now. My outlook is different this time, I came in this time with a positive attitude, ready to face whatever, even if the WD'S are horrendous, just knowing I can make it. I have cut off ALL contacts, have no more scripts. I can do this, and so can whoever is doubting themselves.  I look forward to everyone's post..
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Wow, you have a terrific head-set attitude!

the last time i quit i had also decided that whatever the withdrawls are, i am ready as bad as it will get. and you know it wasn't half as bad as i thought it was going to be. cutting the contacts is great, and you know that there is no way to get any and that this just has to been done, right. i also did the same.

you are going to fine. it is 8 1/2 months for me now. by 3 weeks i was completely out of any cravings or emotional problems or anything. a whole new, cool life!!

here's to yours!!!
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Oh, and welcome back!
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Glad you are back and I sedcond everything you say it is all so true..... Hang in there I know you can do this too...... .. Rls fades after awhile .................... My best regards to you..........................
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Congrats on coming back!!!!  You really do have your head in the right spot.  The wd's are no fun but it is something we have to go thru.  No easy way out.  I too thought whatever it takes to get off these and its been almost 4 months for me.  Am glad you are doing this for you.  Makes all the difference in the world.  Keep posting!!!  stay strong    sara
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Thanks for your guys comments and words of wisdom. I slept horribly last night, I got maybe a hour... Uhh. But my mindset is still strong, and I am gonna keep on keepin on. One step at a time. *Ryan*
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Good luck Ryan,
you can do this there is tons of support here to help you threw !!!!!
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I feel pretty crappy right now uhh... But its officially day 3 for me, so thats expected.  This is beyond challenging, but this is one challenge that I will win.   *Ryan*
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