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Day 7 off subs using Kratom, how long until my legs get strength back?

I jumped cold turkey at 2mg a day of Sub, used it for about 5 years, am on day 7.
Day 1 - No real discomfort
Day 2 - Minor cravings, chills, runny nose.
Day 3 4 & 5 - mentally and physically the worst of it.
Day 6 - decent mood, some energy and focus, positive outlook.
Day 7 - Same as Day 6 only I had BAD RLS last night and woke up 3x, had diarrhea this morning and now have cramps in my right leg.

Again, I have been using Kratom to help and I truly believe that plus prayer and positive thinking got me this far. I have a very active almost 7 year old and I don't want to be a slave to the chains of Sub anymore. I guess I'm really just looking for encouragement and an idea of what to do to help with these leg cramps so I can use the energy that I finally got back without feeling like my leg is bearing all the weight of my body now? My mind is telling me to go mow the lawn then go for a walk with my son but even with the Kratom, my leg is stopping me and it's driving me nuts.
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Hello Jessijazz. I would like to first off congratulate you on your sobriety goals so far. I was hooked on heroin for 2 years. I had all the same symptoms you had, however since mine was a shorter amount of time it didn’t last as long. My withdraw only lasted about a week. The withdraw has always been the easy part for me, however I find it takes time for my brain to reconfigure everything back to normal. I’ve been drug free for 3 years now. I’ve taken Kratom plenty of times and it was a life saver. However I say this in all seriousness. You have to be careful with that stuff too, because you can withdraw from that too. Definitely a much better option though. And this is In no way to discourage you. But with your use and time I would have to estimate your withdraw will be longer. Since everyone’s chemistry is different it’s really hard to tell for sure. I will just say for me personally it took my 6 months to feel like me again. Best of luck!!
Thank you! I'm on day 9 now and at this point have decided to call it "healing" instead of "withdrawal" because it mentally and physically seems to fit better. The leg cramps have passed but the RLS is still there but when it wakes me up I will take about 2 - 3 grams of the Red Bali and Ill fall asleep withim 30 minutes or so. I feel like most of the physical has past and it is mostly mental at this point. Congrats to you as well! It feels good to finally be free!
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