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Does going on lexapro help combat depression from tramadol withdrawals?

I have been taking tramadol for almost 9 years and finally got off of it because I was just so tired of it and want my life back. I have three kids I need to be there for and about to start an intense two year program to become a neurodiagnostic tech. I am worried I am not going to be able to get through it because of the depression from the withdrawals. My Dr prescribed lexapro for the depression has anyone had experience coming off the tram and starting a ssri to help with depression?
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Did the doctor that prescribed the tramadol prescribe the Lexapro?  Many people have taken antidepressants after coming off narcotics.  Depression can be a huge side effect to coming off pain meds, especially tramadol.  You will get thru this so stay strong.  I am glad you have gotten off the tramadol.  How long has it been?
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It's been about 5 weeks now sorry I took so long to answer. The lexapro made me so lethargic and tired that I ended getting off it and going on Wellbutrin. This is my first day with Wellbutrin hoping it works better then the Lex. Tramadol was really hard to kick because it helped with depression as well but I knew I needed to stop. I am so glad that I no longer am a slave to it where I panicked if I didn't have enough it's the worst drug out there!!
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