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Feeling Normal

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone.  I know that I don't post much, but do read alot.  Thanks to all of you I am 137 days clean from all pills, (Norco, oxycontin,xanax,soma,ambien) tons of them!  And 102 days clean from methadone.
Went cold turkey off the pills, NOT FUN!  Weaned off the methadone through my pain management dr. over a 3 wk period. also NOT FUN!  (by the way doing this while going through chemo treatment).  I will be done with chemo in 2 wks, can't wait.
I feel really good as far as not even thinking about taking anything.
So thanks everyone for your posts, and good luck to everyone.  Please don't give up trying.  Life can be normal again.
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It's good to hear from you. I appreciate the updates. I am still waiting for normal. It is much better though. You are a month or two ahead of me. Way to go!
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What a wonderful post.  I'm so happy for you, talk about some serious quantities of strength!  Damn, you want your medal now, or should I plan a celebration for you?  I wish you the best and continued success.  Thank the lord for the coming of the end of the chemo too, eh?  
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Wow!!! Way to go you are so strong!!! Keep up the good work and I wish you well with the Chemo.
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Very encouraging for all!   Thanks for the post
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