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Fentanyl/Percs (Post 19 days and counting)

Whew, been awhile since I've been on here. It's been 19 days since I've stopped taking my percs and taken off my last dose of Fentanyl patches. Wanted to thank all the folks here especially Ms. H who has supported me throughout this bumpy ride.
My cold turkey wasn't completely planned. A friend of mine and I planned to jump together but things always seem to come up for us both.
Less than a month ago, I went to my pain management doc for yet another refill. I opened up to my doc and issued my wish to be off the patches. Btw, was able to quit percs without too much discomfort due to the  effects of Fentanyl running in my system.
Was not all too happy with his solution but was willing to try. We were to trade Fentanyl for Oxycontin then slowly taper. Well, not sure if or how well that would've worked..... After dropping off my RX to the pharmacy, found out my insurance denied it. After speaking with the doctor's office, they told me script needed prior authority.. So I've waited...I just put my second to last patch on, and waited.... 2 days later, called again but was told they'e  also still waiting to hear back from the insurance company.... Withdrawal symptoms started kicking in... With a single patch left for the the "just in case" option,, I decided to go for it.

It wasn't a pleasant ride, but with so many folks here and constant cheerleading from Ms. H, I'm here with peace in my soul and sobriety in my body.
I very well know the journey is long from over, but am grateful, that part of the battle is over.
Thank you Medhelp community!
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Oh my goodness!  First off, you made me cry (joy) second off I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you...

that was one heck of a journey, huh?

I am so unbelievably proud of you.  I hope someday you can appreciate the magnitude of exactly what YOU accomplished.  Very few people have managed to jump from a hefty dose of fentanyl (50 mcg) like you did, stayed through it, fought the urges--the misery--the shakes, sweats, a OMG those creepy crawlies AND fnished it!  To do so requires an unbelievable amount of devotion and inner strength--both of which you have plentiful amounts.  You did battle with fentanyl, fought and struggled hard, and in the end--YOU WON!

D., I really want you to understand the strength that you have shown has given me--and others--so much hope.  We hear about a lot about the failures and relapses, but not nearly often enough about the triumphs.

YOU are an amazing person, my dear!!!  One of the many positive take-aways from this experience is an incredible, devoted life long friend.  I will always be there for you, and I know you will always be there for me.  

D., my dear, dear, friend.  Thank you so much for all that you have given me and thank you for being YOU!

CONGRATULATIONS ON 19 HARD FOUGHT WELL DESERVED DAYS!!  Let's make it 20, okay!!  Soon I will be right there with you markihg them off.  I know I can do it with your help!

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and great great glory and thanks to God.. for everything....
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Great post man! People need to hear that withdrawals aren't the end of the world. Things happen for a reason and like you said... thanks be to God!

Congrats on the 19 days!

I see your a Mets fan...hopefully they have a good year.

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Good for you.  I tried to CT off Fentanyl and wound up in the hospital.  My pain doc didn't want me off it.  I wound up tapering down on the Fentanyl, a little too quickly.  I had oxycodone for BT pain that I didn't take too much of so I had extra to taper down once I was done with the Fentanyl.  I think Fentanyl is not a good med for chronic pain.  I would never use it again unless I was dying.  You should be really proud of yourself.  It,s not as hard or long as methadone or subs to come off but it took me a long time to feel really like myself.
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Also congratulations on 19 days, great work!!
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Thanks man! Was a helluva ride bump def not the end of the world.
Yes sadly, I am a Met fan lol. Your Dodgers lookin pretty sweet!

Go METS!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you Mary. You were one of the first to reach out and give support and advice. Thank you
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Thank you Amandag78!! Feels great and lookin forward now!
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