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Has anyone been on ativan for 30 years or more and how has your mental health been.

I have been on lorazepan for 29 years and I have never had any problems I want to.know if others have ,my dr said there not good for me and wants me of them but the thought terrifies me after all the years I've been on them .
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I've been on Klonopin since 1992, thank goodness my doctor doesn't have a problem with two a day, sometimes I do take two a day but usually I only take one. Why is your doctor wanting you completely off of these since you've been on them for so long without any issues. I do know they're cracking down on all medications.
This is just a bad time to get any medications or stay on the medications were already on. What a messed-up time we live in.  SMH!!
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Hi,Honeysim, you have been on them a very long time . You are going to need to taper off of them with the help of a doctor . I would not suggest you attempt it any other way .  Seeing as he’s the one that wants you to stop taking them he should be more than happy to help you get off of them. It won’t be easy at all but you can do it. I am sure the thought of discontinuing them is terrifying .
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