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Has anyone stopped taking percocet and not had withdraw?

I have been taking on average 3 5mg of percocet a day for the past 7 months I have had 2 shoulder surgeries the second was done last week and I was feeling awesome it is finally fixed so I quit taking the pain pills I am into day 3 and I haven't noticed anything should I be expecting some terrible withdraw to start soon I mean I hope not just curious if I should feeling it by now?
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Have you ever detoxed off of opiates before?  I ask because the more times you detox, the worse/longer the symptoms.  7 months of daily use is definitely enough to form a physical dependence.  You were on quite a low dose, so if this is your first time detoxing off of the medication you can expect minimal symptoms.  
Congrats on day 3! Keep up the good work
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sounds like you too the meds without going overboard.  I suspect you did not become addicted and therefore would have very mild if any withdrawals.  Good for you!  I hope your shoulder heals well!
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