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How bad is this going to get

Day 2 no Percocet. Was up till 2 am even after a sleeping pill. My body was so sensitive and over active. Could not stop moving my legs and certain body part was seriously over active if you get what I mean! Don't want to give you TMI. Got up at 7 feeling cold but not to to bad. Was sad and wished I felt energized and hopeful for a good day but I need the pills to make me feel that way. Got the kids off to school and had hubby do their lunches last night so I could just get up and try to relax. Bad headache this morning , hot and cold with goosebumps and then back to sweating. Have to take my kids for their Christmas photo today after school. How can I go like this! I can't even get dressed or fix myself up. And I'm a serious girly girl! I don't want to do anything with myself. I can't stop thinking how good it feels when I have those meds:( bad thing is I get them from my friend. She sells them to me. I have no motivation and I feel very down and sad. My body is freaking out
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what you are feeling is pretty normal stuff for withdrawal…should start getting better in the next two to three days…
if you can't tell husband what's really up, play up that you have the flu and ride it out…you'll be better off…reschedule things for the next couple of days if you can
sleep…hardest part of the process if you ask me…won't normalize for a little while but like i said, you will be able to deal with it a lot better after another two days or so…

your 'friend' sells you drugs…think about it…friend?
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Its kinda like the flu!! You have to give your body time to adjust! And YOU HAVE TO CUT YOUR SOURCES or you will be right back at square one... Each of us have faced this and it really is necessary...
Good job on 2 days!! keep pushing forward and knocking the days back! One choice at a time!
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Dear Searching,
   Thank you for posting. Letting it out to people who understand will help. Remember you have us to communicate with. on this thread or by private message. Just use some powder blush, a nice colored lip gloss& put your hair in a pony tail. The kids will have a blast having their pictures taken. Let us know how you are doing. Right? Thanks. Pamela
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Yes definitely not a real friend. I think all she see is the money that I pay her. Also I'm at fault for doing whatever I could to get the pills. This is really scary! My whole body is hurting. Is this the detox part? And now do I know when that's over?
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Thank you :)
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Thank you Pamela :)
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Your post struck a cord with me because before I got clean and thru my first month I felt like you. I thought I needed the pills to make me feel good and that without them I couldn't do anything. That was all a lie! I wanted to be clean more than anything in this world so I stayed on here listened to everyone and they told me it will get better you just have to stay clean. Yes it was hard but it is so worth it. In the beginning you really need to push thru the thoughts make yourself do things. You have to fake it til you make it! Cut your sources it sounds more like your friend is a pill friend so cut ties with her. Your worth it and you can do this! Music really helps so get some music on and get moving k? We are rooting for you!
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Keep up the good fight searching.  I'm on day 4 & like you have a 3 & 5 yr old and its not easy but together we can get through this.  I went through the same crap on day 2.  Each day gets better...i know that doesn't help now.  The mental aspect (like you) is the worst part for me...partially because my back & knees hurt 24x7 but i've read the pain actually gets better as i get the opiates out of the system.

You must cut the source though like everyone has mentioned.  I dont know your doc (drug of choice) or how long & how much but the WD's are different for everyone depending on the fore-mentioned stuff.  You can do this...i look at the kids each day & think they deserve a better dad...and im getting there.
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I was just thinking back to 4 months ago when I first came here. I remember asking "How can I stop taking pills when I can't even get out of bed without them?" I truly felt, and believed with my whole heart that my existence revolved around the pills. I didn't think I would survive or be able to function. (Im a mom, I work, etc.. Etc..)
Wd's seemed like the end of the world to me.
I felt like"if these people just knew how bad I'm feeling they wouldn't tell me it's going to be ok."
It's like the flu.. It really ***** but you ride it out and in a few days you feel better...
I just wanted to share this with you because
YOU ARE NOT ALONE.... And the advice here is AMAZING because it comes from people who have taken the journey before you.
YOU CAN DO THIS and you have a whole support team here rooting for you!
Nobody will tell you it's easy but EVERYONE will tell you it's worth it!
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So far this evening my back is hurting pretty bad and a sore lump in my throat accompanied by a massive headache. I pray I can sleep tonight.
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Hi there and welcome my fellow Canadian.  I'm not far from you; just up near Collingwood. :o}

Congrats on your 2 days down!  It's tough I know.  .....even tougher
with a little one.  I don't have small ones to deal with right now myself but
I remember when I did and having to go through my benzo w/d ...c/t....it
was a nightmare.  No sleep is pretty par for the course during the beginning anyway.  That was one of the hardest things for me to go through. I am 101 days clean today from opiate abuse.

I always say, there's no point in laying in bed floppin around like a fish
out of water if you can't sleep.  Get up and do something.  Burn off some
of that energy somehow..........(maybe hubby's up for a little "slap and tickle"?)  I just move, do whatever I can at the moment to keep me moving and not focusing on the inevitable.  For the first couple of months I
think I took the dogs for runs through my woods 5 or 6 times a day.

Drink lots of water for the headaches and eat, the eating helped with
the headaches for me too.  The worst of my detox was over by the 5th
day.  You may be lucky and it may be sooner, but regardless you will
still have to face the "big emotional head space".  This is the reason so
many of us falter..........we can't deal with the emotional aspects of being
drug free, and for this reason it is so important to have an aftercare
plan in place.  ie meetings, therapy etc.

Try and keep your eyes on the prize and stay close to the forum and we
all will do what we can to help see you through this.  Prayers of
strength, hope and peace.

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Hi  so fare your doing great just know this is 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental so be ready to fight on both fronts as for sleep it is usually hard to come by, sooner or later it will come back so try not to get discouraged try a nice hot soak right b/4 bed if your having restless legs take a blanket and rap your legs tightly in it this really helps remember to keep forcing the fluids if you can rent a bunch of moves to give yourself something to do wile your up all night as fare as the anxiety and panic attacks go ''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile '' this to shale pass keep posting for support we all want to see you beat this thing  good luck and God bless........................................Gnarly........................................  
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Yup! You're in the detox. Everything you're feeling is normal. I still feel like I will never fully function again without my pills. It's a mental battle we as addicts will fight forever. Did you tell your friend you're quitting? You'll need to avoid her and block her number.
Try melatonin or sleepy tea at night. I live in the bath tub in a hot hot bath with Epsom salts every night. It's a life saver. Try excederin migraine for your head and a Gatorade.
Hang in!!!!!! We are all here!
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Hi there, I wanted to offer you my support.  I too had been addicted to Percocet for a few years and I felt EXACTLY as you described when I went c/t.  It's totally normal everything you are feeling, it's your body detoxing.  It feels like a bad flu, and at times scary because of the mental part going on.  So many times I thought I could not do it.  But I finally came to the conclusion it was going to be now or never.  You can't take the pills the rest of your life.  It does get better, I promise you.just get through the first week, tell yourself you have the flu if need be...once you get through that week the bad physical part will mostly be over.   And I know exactly what you are talking about as far as an "overactive body part. " that's normal.  Get Immodium.  Take it on a regular basis.  It really really helps.  You can do this, I know how hard it is and that you feel like crap now.  But just think, by the new year you will look back and be SO GLAD you are done chasing these darn pills, having to have them whenever you do something.  Trust me, I'm a big baby dealing with physical discomfort.  So if I did it, anyone can do it.  Just stay  close to the boards.  Vent on here, or if you don't feel like writing, just read other people's experiences.  It helps so very much.  I'm really rooting for you.  Best of luck.  
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I can't shake these restless legs! It's even up in my pelvis. I'm in tears because of how bad it is and I'm so tired and want to sleep But can't stop moving my legs.
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Hi try a hot hot soak in the tub get out and wrap your legs tightly in a blanket this will help ,tomorrow go to walgreens or walmart and get a product called ''highlands restful legs you will find it in the vitamins and herbal section it helped me try praying God is al you got when your up all night post back I will check on you b/4 I go to bed  just remember you can do this I had terable restless legs and it is auful but you will get threw this try not to get discouraged most people get this wile detoxing good luck and God bless....Gnarly
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Hello Searching....I really feel for you because I had the same problems with the restless legs and body. I thought my bones would crawel right out of my skin .I was taking (prescribed Vics and Norco) 8-12 pills a day for around 5 years .I went thru the WD 3 times within a year and believe me each time I did the restless legs and bodybecame worse ! You do not want to go back to your DOC and start from scratch again...hang in there and you will get through it .
This is the hard part of WD...soon you will be on the other side of it .I agree with others that say dont just lay there when you cant sleep .I could not sit still to watch a movie...I hopped on the home trainer bicycle in the middle of the night even though I was dog tired and could barely muster the strength to get on it .Just a few minutes on the bike helped for another few minutes .But that that is how you get through this...a min or two at a time .Dont think about how in the heck you will get through this day or the next...eat this elephant one bite at a time and soon it will be gone .((((hugs)))
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I wish you the best of luck. Keep in touch please
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Thank you :)
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I'm so amazed with all these comments. I didn't expect to have so many people try to help me. Thank you to all of you! All of you that have written me a personal message and commented on here. Last night wasnt to bad once I found comfort sleeping with a heating pad between my knees. The heat calmed the restless legs enough to maybe distract me enough to fall asleep.this morning my back is flipping killing me! I'm glad my kids are older so they can do most things for them self. Is it strange to have social anxiety during withdrawals? I don't want to go outside and be in crowds. The restless body thing is a nightmare. I just want to jump out of my skin! I was even punching my legs last night. I even had to sit on the toilet and push to relieve the feeling in my pelvis! Hope this isn't TMI but it was like being sexually frustrated with no  outlet for relief no matter what! It's like that whole area is so over active and sensitive. No amount of sex will take it away. It's like my body was so numb before and now it's waking up and saying hey ******* remember me?   I can't believe I let this happen to myself.
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Yes my back was killing me as was my neck during detox, and I also found relief with heating pad.  Keep using it.  The social anxiety, same here!  And same with lots of people here on the board.  It takes your brain awhile to heal.  You may not want to go out for awhile, but once you feel physically better, start with a small trip to the store, like the grocery store.  Maybe during an off time when it's not crowded.  That's what I did, and I would get there, stomach sick with nerves, fill my cart up and by time I was driving away I felt really really proud of myself and thought "hey that wasn't so bad."  Build up slowly like that, if possible for you.  I know this is last thing you feel like doing, but exercise really is the best healer as far as moving these symptoms along.  Even today I have anxiety(unrelated to my addiction) and if I get on this treadmill or go for a good strong walk, it takes it away.  It's hard to make myself do it, but every time I always always have felt better.  Hang in there.  You can do it.  I'm sure others will chime in about the pelvis thing... Actually remembering reading similar stories about that on here.   I didn't experience that, but I know I read that before. All detoxing.  You are doing great.  I'm thinking of you.
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