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I havent been on for quite some time..uh.oh!!!

I haven't been on here for almost a year. I was over 4 months clean and the back and sciatica hit me out of no where. I ended up having to get back on something for the pain. I started with lortab 10/500 at first. After awhile they just didn't seem to be helping so I took more and more. I then ended up going all the way up to 80mg oxycontin twice a day. I used that for about a month and had my doctor drop me down to 40mg. The pain was easing up a bit so I ended up taking Norco 10/325. As of this past saturday I decided to do the ct and get back on track with my life. I was on a very high dose! I'm going on day 3 and honestly do not feel too horribly bad. I've been through this before and trying to think of reasons why I do not feel horrible. I just have some lack of energy but not as bad as I should. I am not having problems sleeping like I have in the past. Maybe the worse of them have not kicked in yet? I was taking over 30 of the 10 mg a day for the past few months. Shouldn't I be feeling miserable!!!!! Do I just have some still in my system working their way out? I'm not sure but just hope it stays this way! Any help on why I am not feeling the full blow of withdrawals would be appreciated! I remember when I was on 40 mg a day and it was pure hell. This time I am on over 300 mg a day and don't feel to bad. Not great, but not bad. I've been through this many times in the past so maybe my body has learned how to deal with them a bit better. Or, maybe they just haven't kicked in to full force yet? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
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remember u...not sure why u feel ok,..but i guess that is a good thing!  maybe since u were really hurting stead of abusing thsam it made it easier?  just guessing cos i dont know..also u were onluy on them 6 mths or so?  dunno..but thank ur lucky stars
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Mind over matter. You want it, you got it. Keep telling yourself that your w/d's aren't so bad, and they won't be. Tell yourself 'this is pure hell, I can't do this', and that's how you'll feel. Congrats!
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hey (((brian))))  so glad to see you back..i have wondered about you many times...sorry about the mess up...didnt you learn anything???  lol...you cant ever use responsibly....gotta have someone hold them....pm me, we need to catch up....
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