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Morphine Detox Help

My boyfriend just came clean about his IV Morphine addiction. He's been doing it off and on for 4 years now and I found his syringes last night while we were cleaning the house - he came clean to me about the addiction and flushed all of his stuff. He wants to quit cold turkey but I am so scared about the whole process and don't know what to do.

He wants to detox at home, I've googled it a bit and searched the forums but if there is any personal advice or tips that anyone could offer it would be greatly appreciated. I want to be there for him but he's been lying to me for years, looking me in the face an lying to me. That kind of hurt doesn't go away overnight.

How can I help him through this?

Thank you
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Detoxing at home is how most people do it. Home or a forced detox in jail. Most people dont have the $ for a detox facility. Anyways, its doable. IV morphine will be hard...but doable. Check out the link below. Its for the Thomas Recipe. Stuff you can do at home to help with the withdrawal process.


In terms of you and trust issues. Yeah, it wont go away over night. At the same time, dont try and address them or talk about them with your boyfriend right now. Get him clean first and then seek out profession help. Also, here's a link to the living with an addict forum.


Good luck and God Bless
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Detoxing at home can be very difficult for some - for others, not so much. I tried twice and failed. There are non-addictive meds a doctor can prescribe that helped me succeed. It took some persistence and my doc finally agreed. After doing a lot of research, here are a couple that helped soooo much I made it:

Gabapentin (Neurontin) - 400mg/3x day, 2 refills.
Methocarbamol (Robaxin) - 500mg/4x day, 1 refill.
Trazadone - 100mg/before bedtime.

(Dosages will vary.)

Research these on your own first. None of  these are scheduled drugs and are all non-addictive. There are others. I jumped off oxycodone (40mg/day) after tapering from higher doses. It knocked down my w.d.'s to the order of magnitude of at least 10. I'm three weeks clean and have entered PAWS.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) follow for some but not all. This is just to to make you aware - not to scare anyone. It is very manageable. There is a wealth of good (and bad) information at drugs-forum.com and elsewhere right at your finger tips. Most can sift through the bad info.

If your bf has no access to health care follow ActingBrandNew's advice and he will feel that way before you know it. It won't seem like that to him as time crawls during detox - please be patient with your "patient." I promise you it's worth every second.
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