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Opiate detox

Can you detox off of heroin by using another opiate in decreasing doses? Example: Will vicodin use for a few days to aid the withdrawal symptoms allow the heroin to clear from the system or are all opiates the same??
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many say that it is best not to use another narcotic to quit...but then people say that tapering from ur doc is a good thing..vicoden is weaker than ur doc..so i may consider it as a good option,...and yes it will help some..also depends on ur dose of ur drug of choice...and u do run the risk of being addicted to the vikes...best to make a plan an d stick to it,..sometims it is baby steps that get us to our goal
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what usually happens when an addict tries that is they wind up addicted to the pills.  have you tried to detox with the thomas recipe and the aminos?  you can find them in the healthpages at the bottom right of this page...also make sure you line up aome after care.  it is so important in our recovery.  keep posting there is alot of support here.
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hi i've been trying to get off opiates for 2 yrs now can't you go to your doctor there are drugs that are opiate free that help with the withdrwals,they dont take all the pain away but they make it a hell of a lot easier.
but to be honest i relapsed after six days a while ago after using what the doctor gave me ,im no medical expert but i just bought a lot of valium off the street and knocked myself out for the first 4 days ,for me anything but opiates it has to be if you truelly want to stop.
but as we all know stopping is the easy part it's staying stopped thats hardest anyway best of luck whichever way u choose .
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I am on day 3 of my detox at home from oxy cold turkey. It is horrible I broke down tonight and took 2 vicoden, Do you know if this will set me back?
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