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I have used cocanie three times in my pregancy I am in treatment I am 31 weeks along will my baby test postive for this
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I doubt it, but why are you using coke while pregnant, it can harm the baby? How long were you using before? We are here for support, hope you do the right thing and don't touch it again, for you and your baby's sake please. I created a health page and ill copy some possible effects from using coke while pregnant. Be safe ok:)

The following are characteristics of cocaine exposed infants:

•Lowerbirthweight, shorter
•Smaller head circumference
•A piercing cry, which is apparently indicative of neurological dysfunction
•Lower Apgar score
•Irritability and hypersensitivity. The newborn shoots from sleep to screaming and is inconsolable.
•High respiratory and heart rates
•Startling responses
•Poor sleep patterns
•Significantly lower scores on two of the dimensions measured by the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scales (BNBAS): 1) scales related to interactive abilities, and 2) scales related to organizational responses to environmental stimuli. Infants who perform poorly on the BNBAS are considered high risk, especially if performance is poor in more than one of the behavioral dimensions.
•Inability to respond to caregiver. These cocaine exposed infants are largely unable to respond to the human voice and face and are unable to interact with others.
•An increased risk of malformations of the genito-urinary tract. Dr. Chasnoff recommends that these infants should have routine ultra-sound evaluations of their kidneys in order to rule out such defects.
•There is evidence that the use of cocaine shortly before birth can be associated with cerebral infarction (stroke) which damages the brain of the newborn. A CT scan of the brain may be indicated when both the infant and mother test highly positive for cocaine at the time of birth and when there are additional indications to suggest a stroke might have occurred.
•A greater incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In Dr. Chasnoff's sample, 15% of the infants died of SIDS, more than triple that of heroin or methadone exposed infants.
•Sleep pattern abnormalities associated with apnea and deep sleep, which may be associated with the greater incidence of SIDS
•Visual abnormalities which may be associated with retinopathy or damage to the iris. This is thought to be related either to actual damage caused by the cocaine and/or the premature birth associated with such use.
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I hope you let your ob know about your usage .I would not worry
as much about whether your baby tests positive for cocaine as whether everything is OK with the baby .If the OB knows it is better prepared for anything that may or may not come up...

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