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Quitting opiates only smoking weed opinions?

Hi everyone I was wondering what some of you believe and if there's been any successfulness behind what you say. I have 3 boxer breaks in the same spot (pinky), screws sticking out and have had that since 17/18. Then after a bad car accident when I was 20 I got on opiates daily for just having to much arthritis in my hand and broken leg etc etc (typical reason to start I'm presume). Though it quickly led to an addiction and I was stealing to score more pills always fearing to be dope sick. This went on for 2 years, so It got to the point where it was stronger pills/herion or quit. So I quit and it was hell I only used weed to help me through w/ds. My overall outlook on life changed and I started to do really good again and I was only smoking weed at night unless it was a social thing on a off day. I stayed clean for 5/6 months and anyone who's been clean for about 6 months knows that feeing you get "the voice" saying you completely forgot what it's like to be high of opiates anymore. I kept some in case from when I got cleaned and I thought for a couple weeks about not doing it but I ended up saying just one and we all know one leads to tons. Well I let it last for about 3 weeks and tolerance of course right back to where it was so I stopped again. This time not being physically addicted the withdrawals were nothing just sleep problems but still not bad. It's been about 2 weeks since I've had an opiate but I do smoke weed. So my question is can an addict maintain weed without relapsing to their DOC? I feel like I was blind to addiction and was uninformed about its seriousness and when quitting last time I didn't think about it enough. This time after doing so much research etc etc I feel as if knowledge will help me to not give in the "voice" saying just One you've been doing good and stay clean this time. I know NA doesn't approve of weed so I don't go, I went once and was asked do you want to live a completely sober life or one without opiates? Being 23 going on 24 I like to think with better knowledge on addiction and only smoking weed I can honestly say I don't care to ever go back. I know it's possibly swapping one addiction for a less harsh addiction though maintaining a only at night routine. I had half a year clean so I feel as if I can do this route and do it well even though in contradicts anything NA might believe. I'm physiologically addicted to opiates mainly out of boredom. Though unlike weed opiates you can't do just on your off time or night time. So that's where I'm at like I said it's been 2 weeks and I don't want to be high during the day I just want to get through my day like I use to and just smoke weed when I feel like it. Nothing wrong with going back to that I'm also a huge health finatic so stay in shape and eat well. Honestly the only thing I've been craving these last 2 weeks is a xanax for one nights full rest lol and a piece of smoked salmon! So what's yalls input?
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Well I successfully got off of methadone without withdrawals and no cravings at all. I smoke weed for chronic pain and for general well being. I too don't go to NA /AA.  I have went to meetings for over 20 years took what I wanted and left the rest I now don't go to the meetings but believe in a lot of the principles but I do believe in medication. I suffer from depression and take medication for that and I smoke weed for pain like I mentioned earlier.  I haven't craved opiates for over ten years. Yes IMO you can smoke weed and not go back to DOC.  These are just my opinions and not meant to upset anyone.
Thanks for the reply, that's great to hear over a decade off opiates was that your DOC back then? Same here Im ADD and have so many injuries I just presume let the weed be your pain reliever. Anything a doctor can give you is worse, but I know if I get old I'm gonna need something ha 23 year olds don't have arthritis already.
My drug of choice back then was heroin.
Congratulations on the time!! Hopefully others chime in
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Also does anyone know of any supplements or foods that help with neurotransmitters? I think I have a serotonin deficiency problem that lingers longer than most.
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Here's a good article:

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Hi, welcome. Look, it's all a matter of what you want in your life. The folks on here w/ significant clean time tried EVERYTHING (only weed, only booze etc.) to stay away from opiates. We all went back. And we couldn't tolerate all the bullsh!t that comes w/ using. So we got completely clean. We addicts always forget that people who aren't addicts don't worry about how often they smoke weed. And non addicts don't smoke it daily. It's not even in their thinking.

You tried it already and went back. You can try it again. It's really up to you how intolerable your life is, ya know? Myself and many of us on here are in meetings and it changed our lives. I had to face why living w/o any substance at all was so terrifying. Most people out there living productive lives don't rely on substances. It's really great and freeing to be able to live and have fun w/o any substance at all.
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Btw, try going w/o any for 90 days, see how you feel. If the idea of that terrifies you, that's something to look at.
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tryptophan is good supplement for dopamine and serotonin so is 5-htp I've taken that but not tryptophan and it worked
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Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this subject.Mine is for me to stay clean I can't use any drug this includes weed and alcohol.They are drugs they may not be your D.O.C but they are drugs none the less.
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So you have basically been doing this on your own by the sounds of it right?  You stopped the opiates but continue to smoke weed at night or in a social setting on your day off.  Do your social friends do more than just smoke weed?  What benefit do you get from smoking?
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