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Hi ladies and gentlemen. I have found this site by pure luck and i hope its the beggining of my recovery.
I have come to believe that iam prone to addiction and anything can mess me up.
I am an alcoholic (The gutter type) for so long. After joining AA, I managed to stop albeit with some relapses.
But as i write this, i know that unless a miracle happens, iam a man with one foot in the grave.
I have been reading the posts but so far i havent come across many of my caliber.
I was introduced to them by a friend in 2000 for a migraine. Since then, i have been on them like h....
My biggest problem is:  I take a handfull of them each time, and i can take them four times a day.
Each handfull is about 15 caps (50mg). Four times makes it (50x60)mg a day or 3 grams. When i get the 100 mg pack, i take 10 of them, four times. Things have spun out of control.
I can spend all day in bed, I always have unexplained panic attacks, am getting useless in bed with my wife, Ihave tried before but never made it-bad headaches and all....about 30 times!
To add to the injury, am equally trapped in syndol. I take about 18 tabs a day!  Is there any hope? Anything ! Its only I and the chemists that know of this. There are times i wonder how people  commit suicide by pills. Another question is, does tramadol or syndol abuse cause kidney and liver problems? Guys, I have given up !! Please help.
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I have been taking Hydro for the last 8 months. I started taking them because of my back pain and now I have become very addicted. My doctor has ct me off so I went to another doctor and they gave me Tramadol. It is still a narcotic but is not as strong unless I take more than what is prescribed. I am really scared because I am going through withdraws and trying to figure out how to get more Hydrocodone for my back (and I'm afraid my addiction). It's the only ting that helps myback feel better but I'm afraid I'm getting addicted.
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Thanx vicki
I never heard if NA around this part of the world, but then i had never heard of Tramadol before. I will have to do some leg work and if its not around, i have to do with your advice...tapering with an  mo or on my own.
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Thanx a million tram. My big dose is what has bothered me all along. But since am still around this in world of the living, I guess i stand a chance. Thanx honey.

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I woulnt stop tramadol cold turkey...You have to taper in your case the dosage is extremelly high and Ive read that the detox from that amount can be verry harmfull...

Stay strong I am not a pro buit do the taper find an md u can trust...dont substitute.

Stay focus think about this time next week/month/year

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Hi!  The forum is a great place BUT it doesn't take the place of AA/NA and cannot substitute as a doctor.

Tramadol really should be tapered. You are taking a HUGE dose. Have you had seizures?

You can stop the syndol cold turkey. At least do that. Then get a good taper plan from your doctor for the Tramadol. If you don't want to call your doctor, taper the Tram on your own. You need to stop this!

Keep posting~ we'll help you!
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Thank so much guyz. It sure is like this is my only hope. I saw AA fellowship work rigt before my eyes. I believe this will too.
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Although I am not familiar with your particular drugs, I am more familiar than I care to admit with opiates (such as morphine, OC's, dilaudid, opana) and opioids (such as methadone and suboxone) and they are all ruthless to detox from - withdrawals are brutal reagardless of how we arrive at them.
It is hard to believe the amounts our bodies can become accustomed to with consistent usage.  My fiance and I (like many others here I am sure) have ingested what would be lethal amounts of opiates to some but we had 'graduated' to those levels...as you have.  
Perhaps you could taper and try some of the natural remedies that are posted in the health pages on the right...you can do this if you want to and it certainly sounds like you need to.  This forum is an excellent source of support and encouragement and gives you an outlet for your feelings as well as people who understand exactly what you are going through.
Continue posting and best of luck to you - I hope that you can change the destructive path that you are on and take control of your life back...I hope the same for everyone here that is on the path to recovery.
Best of luck, you are in my thoughts -
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Hi, like you i am in aa and sober for quite a lot of days! I wonder, in that case, have you heard of na, you will meet many people there with painkiller addictions that will help you.
Dont give up you can taper off these things, you did it with alcohol you can do it again, the rewards will be great.
Best of luck
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Please don't give up honey!  You will get some great advice here!  

You need to talk with a doctor and get some  help tapering your meds.  That will be safest.  You are on a big dose, so be very careful.  I'm guessing you know exactly how much you can take like any good addict!  

It's gonna be ok.  Talk to us!!!! : )
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