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The LAB is testing the levels of my prescribed dosage. It's called a PMP 15

The LAB is testing the levels of my prescribed dosage. It's called a PMP 15 panel... What is used to get my levels? Is it the urine or blood? An UA comp is ordered. Is anyone a chemist or lab technician that can answer that question? I went online and entered LC-MS/MS, and it shows that it's like a data base and since the war on opiates is in full swing I'm just wondering if I need to take everything and by that I mean if I'm prescribed 3-5 pills a day as needed. I only take 3 and one to two more ONLY IF NEEDED. So how is a LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY MASS SPECTROMETRY performed. All I wanna know is if the lab uses urine or blood?
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The CDC just handed out guidelines to physicians regarding their prescribing of narcotics. They will test patients and if their prescribed medication is not detected, they will assume you are selling, or giving away your meds. Also, they are recommending ibuprofen for pain. This is all to counteract this huge epidemic of prescription medication abuse. I hope it helps those that need help, but does not hurt legitimate people in pain.
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UA (comp) stands for Urinanalysis, which is urine
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