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Codeine battle

Hi! A bit of a long story but will try to keep it short. For the past 5 years I have been suffering issues with my kidneys. Recurrent UTIs, kidney infections and kidney stones. Always in pain. 2019 suffered with hydronephrosis, which led to sepsis and pneumonia. Had a nephrotomy in for a couple of months. On leaving hospital (after a 2 week stay in critical care) I was prescribed morphine for a few weeks. The GP then recommended tramadol instead, was on this for a few months but had two seizures so was taken off of them. GP then prescribed dihydrocodeine 30mg which I have on repeat every month. Started off on them fine but then started to take more and more just to feel "normal" When I run out of these before the end of the month (which I always do recently) I find myself buying neurofen plus from the chemist, sometimes taking between 1 and 2 boxes of 32 tabs a day! This has been for the past year or so. When taking them I feel motivated and have lots of energy with them but without I feel sluggish, achey and lazy and sort of depressed, which is a real worry. Just wondering if anyone has any advice, has anyone been in this situation?? Just find myself worrying about how ill ever be able to stop taking them, I miss the days before I was on them when I was normal again! Any advice on cutting down or how to handle this would be great. Find myself planning what chemist to go to and panic when im down to one box. Its nuts!!

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Hey, sorry to read this. You are in the right community. You've got a full addiction issue going now. Is there any way to plan for a reset? Detox under supervision. Allowing some time to feel crummy with the hopes of feeling better later?
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Hi thankyou for your response! Yes its defitely spiralled into addiction. The amount of money ive been spending is ridiculous, im a student nurse too so I dont have much money to start with. I have three children that I absolutely adore and if anything need to stop this for them. I was thinking of just going cold turkey  while the kids are off school and could go to my mums for a few days (however no one knows about me taking these, I have kept it from everyone) Is there anything I can do to make this easier? Anything that will help with the withdrawal? Iv heard it can be really bad!
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