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Using meth while on lisinopril

Been use meth for years and recently was put on lisinopril for high blood pressure. I'm getting off meth but just can't do it cooled turkey. I've  using for so long I'm scared to just quit. I want to slowly wing off but I started taking 20mg lisinopril. Is it safe to mix? I am getting off meth no matter what. If I have to not take lisinopril tell I'm off meth then I will but my bp is really high like 190/115. Dangerously high. Please let me know if it's safe?  
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A side effect of meth is increased heart rate and high blood pressure.
As long as you continue to use you will have high bp.
Could lead to heart attack or stroke.
Were  you honest with your doctor about your meth use?
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You need a Doctor to give you that kind of advice.  You can do this online in a chat session with a real doctor.  As for the meth, don't be afraid to ask for some help.  My DOC are opiates but I've done more than my share of meth.  The longer I stayed away the less the cravings.  At the time I couldn't imagine life without meth but I'm having a great time now without it.

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