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Why am I still feeling like this ?

Hello this is my first post on this site so anything will help me ... I am 19 years old and I have being doing herion since I was 14 ... I finally got clean April 4th 2014 from herion and other drugs ... I was on suboxone for a year and it helped me stay clean away from herion ..I was on suboxone for a year and it was a constant battle ..first few months I was fine on suboxone and the. After 3 months I started to get really sick headaches.. Stomach cramps .. Constipation and more .. I couldn't take the pain anymore from it.. So I quit taking suboxone after tapering off to 0.5 mg ... I been clean from suboxone for 11 days and I feel even worse as if I was on it .. I feel so depressed.. I feel the same stomach pains and fatigue.. Cramps and no motivation to do anything .. I also get cold so fast .. If my mom turns on the AC in less then. Seconds I'm frozen .. My feet get cold and numb and start turning a lite purple... I do not think this is withdrawal symptoms or maybe it is ... I need help please because I cannot feel like this .. I feel like giving up but I remembered that I worked so hard to get where I am at ... Any thing will help o just wanna know if I will feel better in a few days or how long would it take because I feel horrible .. Not as bad as herion withdrawal .. But just the everyday stomach pains and cold feet is very uncomfortable.. I want to feel normal again .. I want to feel like me !!
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Time & Patience Dear!
Take it from a older chic. We did not get Addicted over night. There is alot that goes on in our Brain Chemistry. You are in a bit of a w/d. Just make sure you drink tons of water and stay hydrated. Make sure you eat very healthy to get those vit and minerals back in your system. It is so important to replenish back what we have lost as far as vit/min and electrolytes. You can read up on what vit/min work for sleep and anxiety and which ones work for energy...BUT this ALL takes time to kick in and it does take time for the Brain/Body Chemistry to adjust back. Take them Epsom salt baths for the aches. The salt has Magnesium in it. Magnesium is one of the best minerals you can take during detox and after.

I came off of a long ash ride with Methadone and 2 other meds back in 2012. I used to get the Bone ache and I would go lay under a big heating blanket. YOU will get to feeling good again. YOU are so young and that is a BIG PLUS on your side for bouncing back. You did not waste over 40 yrs of your life on substance abuse. Your Nero-Chemistry has not been so whacked out.  Just hang tight and hold tight to that surf board. You will be riding some waves, but soon you will be walking in the sand.

I am very PROUD of YOU for getting a grip on it at a young age. I felt that I went into a comma at the early age of 20 and woke up being darn near 60. Make sure YOU keep up the Support!!!! All and any Support you can get!! This is a WE thing not a ME thing. The ME thing got us in this mess. I do wish you the best and YOU will be fine in TIME!!!!
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Welcome to the group, my experience isn't with subs of heiron but I was a perc/dro user and trying to get through that phase right now. Ultimately, quitting this young will give you a better future read some of the old timers post and what they've missed in life... Jobs, family, relationships, etc.

The wd symptoms will come and go, some one with your experience will be on soon to provide a response to you.

I'm 30, at 19 I would have given anything to put down those pills that young.... You have that opportunity now, please don't waste it.
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Thank you .. I think that's what I needed to hear ... I'm going to see a psychologist this week because I feel alone !! I have no one to talk too .. My mother n father aren't together and I'm barley home because I am either in work or in school .. I don't want to give up .. I lost a lot in the past few years and I'm finally on my feet now.. The only thing that is holding me back is this sick feeling I have everyday and doesn't seem to get better .. But I am going to take it day by day and hope for the best... I was blessed to stop at this age .. Must be for a good reason .. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it .. I just need someone to talk to that understands me ... US ... And I can't just talk to anyone because right away they judge me and think less of me because I am a recovering addict
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You are still in your w/d period. 11 days is awesome,but with subs it's also early. There are a couple ppl on here (pillguy) is one of them. He has tons of info he can help you with. He also just recently went through what you're going through. Hang in there,it does get better!! xox
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