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Will my doctor think I'm an addict?

A couple months ago, I was prescribed Vyvanse for ADHD/Low motivational drive & concentration issues. My doctor started me on 30mg of Vyvanse to be taken once in the morning. The first day I took it my energy and focus level shot up to what must be considered "normal" because I could actually get out of bed and focus in my classes! It was amazing. But, after that first day, nothing. After about 2 weeks of trying it out, it almost felt like I was taking a sugar pill. I was getting no benefits at all and I didn't even experience the side effects. It was like I wasn't taking anything.

So I called my doctor's office and spoke to the nurse. I told her that it was doing nothing for me and wanted to know if I should try something else. Well, she talked to my doctor and he said he wanted to move me up to the 40mg capsules once a day. I took those the remainder of the two weeks before my scheduled appointment and felt a noticeable difference. During the last 5 days before my appointment, however, the effects started wearing off around noon! I was irritated because I was told this med is supposed to have up to 14 hours of effect.

So when I went to my doctor for my second appointment, I told him this, and instead of increasing the Vyvanse again, he kept the dosage the same but then prescribed an instant release 10mg Adderall to be taken once a day around 3PM. Well, it's been almost a month since I have been on that regime and I want to ask my doctor if he can increase my Vyvanse to the 50mg. What I'm worried about is I heard these are controlled substances and I don't want my doc to think I'm drug seeking because then he'll take me off everything, and I wouldn't want that.

What I have right now is good, I just think that 50mg would create a more substantial baseline and last throughout the day like it is meant to be. The 40mgs are so close, but they still wear off by 1PM and then the Adderall only works for an hour, and I work at nights so I need to be on my A game. What do you all think? Am I being ridiculous and over-thinking things? I'm just uneasy is all.
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Lisdexamfetamine is a Schedule 2 drug.  That means that while it is recognized as having medicinal value, it has a very high potential for addiction.

Careful here...I have no idea what your doctor will think, but if I were you, I'd be upfront about your fears...tell him "the last thing I want to end up with is an addiction; I'm concerned about how quickly I develop a tolerance to this drug."

Wikipedia has a lot of info about this medicine...here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisdexamfetamine

Good luck.
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I think if you go in there demanding things that's one thing but just suggesting it is another. Just suggest it and see what he says. He will ultimately make the decision. I do not see you as an addict. Be careful in the future with the adderall though as many people abuse it. Best of luck!
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I was diagnosed with adhd 3 years ago.. at 35 years old! First few months I was just like u.. wondering if it was enough etc. Do I take more? Less? Etc.. just ask ur doctor questions.. he will be use to first timers trying to figure it out.. he will help and  explain things to u. He will understand. Don't worry.. I also felt like my doc may think I was addict and was afraid to ask as well.. don't be..  he will understand and help u understand .. u will figure it out.. u may go up and down on doses for the next year trying to figure out what works best for u. But don't add or take away unless u speak to him first..  
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Thanks so much for all your feedback everyone! Very much appreciated. :)
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