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anyone have a quick answer/

my mom is a patient at a pain clinic, her mailed RX's were stolen by a "friend" that has been stealing her meds for months, she didn't believe it, but its the truth, this time he stole the whole package at the mailbox, and today i tracked down the postman, and it's true that he did deliver it.
She's in Montana, me in CA, she takes methadone, morphine, soma, and has enough pills left to make it until about 4pm MT time.  She has some "suboxone" and wants to take them.  Anyone know for sure the outcome of this?
I have the knowledge in both suboxone and what it does, yet I cannot trust that she's being honest about her intake - the ER told her to NOT return.????
I hate this, my mom, I'm clean, she's not, I'm pissed and scared and want to unplug my phones.  This is the 3rd time she's had to go to the ER for withdrawals.  But the first time she's had anything stolen.  I'm calling the cops and then her doctor.,
Any advice?
................hate dope................sbs
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I am not surprised at the whole story. sick that the er couldn't even tell her where to go. They love to get people on the stuff and treet you like dirt when you have a crisis like this. She needs to contact the substance abuse center and tell them the whol thing and quick. If she take the SUB too soon it will thro her in to withdraw real fast. If she is going to take it she should wait till she is really uncomfortable and then it will help to give her time to get to talk to someone.
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Hopefully the so called "friend" will be arrested.
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she needs to call her doctor. With all the diff meds she is on it be hard for anyone here to give you good advise. She needs to call the cops and make a report, and call her doctor
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yes def call doctor and police....it may not be a good idea to take sub since she has other meds in her system...i hope the person gets the book thrown at them....how terrible..good luck...maria
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I have been watching Opra too. Amazing how wide spread this is huh?

A little queezy about the encouragment to involve police but it might be different where you are. Here if you ask them for help you are likely to be charged with somthing yourself. Its has happened more than once to me. I called them when a friend was attempting suiscide  and they searched my house and found a little weed and everybody went to jail. Seems like they punish you for bothering them. I have a few more bad stories but it might be this neck of the woods. Here even if youre being beaten you will end up with charges.
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i m in cincinati, ohio and it is a small felony to have even a seed in your possession....very very strict here.....i just think this person needs to be stopped and punished...i wonder if he is ripping off others...maria
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I think you need to make the phone calls, if nothing else the police can do a well check on your mother and give you accurant information. also a phone conversation with her doctor might give you the whole picture. good luck
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