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day 3

today is day three with no vicodin and I don't feel to bad w/d wise, actually I feel okay

I am craving that 'feeling' you get when you take the pill, close your eyes and have the fuzzy feeling... plus that itchy nose.....

ahh that is so hard to give up and stay away from.  plus my head hurts - the whole reason I started taking vicodin in the first place... so its a hard day none the less.

but Im clean and free of taking that pill that has held me down for the past year....
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Yes, the w/d's are rough, but in the short run, you'll live, although it takes awhile for your brain to reset ... I've made 100 days (Yayyyy!) off those devils, and you can, too!

Unfortunately, unscrupulous doctors are everywhere .. my pal Jimmy had a humiliating experience with a doctor who pretty well made it clear that he could have methadone on the spot, or perform a rather disgusting service for a "discount" on Vikes. He posted here in a panic, but it was censored by the smug know-it-alls who censor anything that doesn't tow the party line -- aftercare, aftercare, aftercare. It's their way or the highway, it seems.

I think this wanton display of a few power-hungry "volunteers" robs this site of any credibility, and wish it weren't so. If you want to help people, get your noses out of the clouds and let us tell our stories. Otherwise, this not a help-line, but a forum with huge limitations -- if one of the so-called "moderators," not doctors or specialists, rule the roost.

This is untenable -- Is it The First Amendment that's being disregarded, or is it "Florence Nightingale Syndrome" that makes you think you're helping people in distress, or are you so sensitive to dissension with your own rules that forces you to expunge everything that contradicts your poins of view (e.g., the so-called "Thomas Recipe_ -- dare I point out the futility of such an expensive, useless program "invented" by a fellow who died from an O.D.?

Hope this lasts as long as it took to type ...
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well now my head is killing me.

bad, like bad bad.... I am home alone now with my kids and I feel like ****. I am glad I never bought off the street because Im sure I would be giving in and calling a dealer right about now.

the pain hurts.... my head kills...

and Im feeling pretty antsy....
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Has Restless leg 1 day gave him a med for that and that too was gone .dont know .I hope mine is that easy
He says its mind over matter
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My friend just cold turkey off of 70mgs of percoset and 30 mgs of methadone .Been taken for 7 years everyday.And was a snoter.And had no withdrawls either just a little tired is all.But I also started him on a high dollar multivitamin and the L-tysoine and B6..And the B12 complexe ..So who knows Maybe its the vitamins ..He never had runs no upset tummy sleeping normal... NOTHING!!!
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day 3 here too...I know what you're talking about with the itchy nose and headache. I have that today also...I was feeling really bad a little while ago and then I took a vit b6 with an L-Tyrosine...it def. lifted my mood and energy.

my tummy feels sour, i have no appetite...but i'm not really having an chills and i'm not yawning constantly anymore today.

I am tired, very tired and lookin forward to early to bed tonight :)

congrats to us on day3!
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