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i want to be sober but scared

So day 1 of no tramadol and not feeling to bad but no energy. I know the worst is to come been here before. But all my mind can do is argue with me that I need to get those pills tomorrow. How do I stop it??? I want this!
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You just have to make up your mind and just do it I'm on 22 days of hydros and believe me it's hard and yes it would be easy to just give up and get some but I put my foot down to my self and say no more u know just so tierd of feeling like I can't do anything with out pills so u can do this good luck
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You can do this! Its all about behavior modification and retraining your brain. Thats where the aftercare comes in and why its so CRUCIAL to help you stay clean. I myself go to an addiction therapist 5 days a week and have started attending NA meetings. For now try to keep your mind busy. Reading crossword puzzels suduko. Ive found that journaling has helped GREATLY. Write what your feeling. Write EVERYTHING down. Its also nice to be able to look back and see how far you have come. This could also help you spot triggers and then find out why. Hang in there and keep strong. It gets better. I promise. It just takes time but i know the waiting *****! Keep posting and know your not alone. We are all cheering you on! Keep fighting the good fight my friend and let your inner strength plesantly surprise you. I was amazed at just how strong we all really are. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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You can do it. You're right, it won't be an easy ride, but it is most certainly doable. You aren't alone either. There are many, many others going through tram withdrawal right now. You should look for a member by the name of Emily Post and read her journal postings. It's because of her that I am nearly 300 days free from tramadol.

Hopefully this will actually show up...if not, just look for Emily's profile and her journals and you'll find many others in the same situation that you are in.



Stay strong and do not go get that refill. You can do it!


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