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Hi guys,

My wife is in a drug rehab center in FL.  We live in Texas.  She went in voluntarily three weeks ago to get off benzos that have been prescribed to her for three years.  She just called me in a panic and said the doctor there had to report her to the state board of nursing.  We were reassured repeatedly that they wouldn't do that, but that's not the case apparently.  
I'm sure she will keep her license because she hasn't broke the law, and she went in there voluntarily.  My question is, will she have a hard time getting a job if she's reported?
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her time at the rehab is covered under the hippa law which means that the doctors/staff agh the rehab CAN NOT  i repeat CAN NOT tell anyone that is not on her treatment team any info about her unless she signs releases they can be in a lot of trouble if they reported her with out her breaking any law did she give consent to speak to the board of nursing about her condition? if not they broke the law and can be in a LOT of trouble for it fines up to 100,000$
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I met a nurse in my outpatient hospital.  Laws are different state to state. I'm in CA. Yes. She had to be on drug testing for 4 yrs.
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II would think if the benzos were prescribed, she wasn't stealing meds
From her job there would no  reason to have to be worried.
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I agree with atthebeach.
I was a nurse & I live in Texas. They cannot report her.
If the board finds out she's an addict they will turn her over to TPAPN.
Texas peer association for impaired nurses; it last for 3 years. Usually if your employed you keep your job.
I did it in 1996 & it was amazing. It saved my life. Slipped up 2007-2013 after fractured back & 2 surgeries. I got caught at work & voluntarily gave my license back.
Due to this forum I got the courage to life without medication & I have been clean 106 days.
I called the board & probably can get my license back, just some hoops to go through.
I'm very grateful to everyone for your help & support.
The AA group I go to has 7 other nurses in it in various stages of dealing with the board. Message me if I can be of any other assistance but I still don't believe they can report her.  
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