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on day 13 of my taper

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to share my journey on my taper and what has helped me.
Hoping it may help other's.
I started this 13 days ago. 8-10 norco's 10/325 a day.
I'm now down to 2 a day.
I started taking a multi- vit and L-Tyrosine 500mg in the morning with the vit. Also 1/2 later B-12 1000mg.
Drinking lots of Gatorade and water. I also in this time quit drinking pepsi and had a massive headache for about a week from the pepsi. But that was the least of my worries.
So today is day 10 taking the vit's and L-tyrosine. And down to two pills a day.
Last night i woke at 12:30 my arms crawling. Then i noticed my legs were not crawling. (RLS)
A week ago they both were driving me crazy. Out of control. Wow what a difference.
I have also been eating 3 bananas a day.
Yes i feel so much better, my mind is way clearer. But i still do not have the energy  or the mind-set to get to much done. But im getting there.  I can feel it.
I would have never made it this far without the help of the wonderful people on this site.
Most of them are brutality honest. And that is the best thing that will help you overcome your addiction.
So I'm sharing  my story, in hopes that it may help someone. I thought i was going to take these pills the rest of my life. Because that was what i was told. By a number of doctors.
Now my pain has diminished some. I do not hurt near as much as i did taking all those pills.
It can be done. I've had many surgeries. 8 pins in my shoulder. That's just some of them.
So if i can do this.  YOU can do it too!!  
Good luck. Everyone.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.
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Oh my, it's helping me, I did nearly what u are.  Nov 6 I dropped from 75 mg down to 20 mg and on day 6 sick and mentally sick, it was bad.... Well I wanted it over with traded in 75 mg a day for 40 Percy's and then went down to 15 mg then 5 and. Crumbs.......24 days total....when u get down low, jump off.its hell but I see why they say it.  It's just a hook in us with low doses, didn't serve me at all.   Friday zero,  sat sun,  I'm on 4 th day....  Well documented. Date and time of every pill and size dose since I began.  

    The mirror was scary to face but I'm feeling better. Rls at night twice.  I think near 5 mg I had it.....so jump in with the folks here, it's been a life saver.
I'm still lost a but bit , but each days better and l thorisone was a big help !!!! I got it on day 22 and needed it day 1,  mental clarity.   Well hang in there. The journey begins the first day u wake up clean.   I barely know myself, but I got my health and its better than living a lie.     Keep coming back,   Once a week I have a real physical drag. Like clock work.    What a crappy thing to give people. I never knew stopping would be like childbirth.
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Are you going to continue until you hit zero pills??
It sounds like it's time.
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I'm glad you're sticking to it, but to me...if you're gonna have symptoms that drag on over all this time, why not just jump?  I mean, I totally respect anyone's way of doing this.  Everyone is different in what they need.  But you can have this over in just a few days if you just go on and stop.  Cause the deal is, even when you get down to half a pill or a quarter or whatever, you're still gonna have some symptoms when you do finally quit.  That is something that no one disputes.  

To help with the "crawling arms" try some Nyquil.  That is about the only thing that helped mine.  I had that too, and it's absolutely horrible.  It's way worse than legs to me.  

You're definitely getting there!  You're gonna be so happy when this is over.  I can tell! : )
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I'm off to see my doctor this morning.
Going to ask one more time for clonidine.
So i can stop. I've got down to where the wd's will not be unbearable. I think.lol.
Wish me luck. In 2 1/2 hours I'll know. Then i can get this over with.  
Don't get me wrong you guys. I will feel the sun on my face again.   Soon..
That's what i love about you all.  Never pull any punches.  
I'll be back this afternoon. Hour and half drive to my doc.
So here i go.  :-).
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Great!  Clonidine would be a good alternative to the taper.  At this point, I just honestly think you're dragging out the misery.  Some people just CAN'T stop CT from a high dose.  They have to come down some until they think the WD will be more tolerable.  The clonidine will almost stop the WD completely.  The ONLY thing I didn't like about taking it was that during acute withdrawal, when you're already without much energy anyway, it just zaps you.  It makes you feel kinda like walking through deep mud, barefooted! LOL But that's still much better than some of the symptoms that you'd endure without it.  

If you don't get it, you can still do this!  It won't be that bad.  I think you've got more dread than anything.  It might not be as bad as you expect?  Let us know what you find out!
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Well. I am here to say persistence does pay off.
My doctor gave me the clonidine!!!  
I haven't got it yet. Still waiting for the pharmacy to fill it.
I still have 204 of my norcos 10. He said he wanted me to keep on my taper???????
I told him i just want to stop!!!
Do i keep some of them. Just in case?  Alright i already know the answer to that. Ha ha ha. Ya right.  I have been really good on my taper.
And now i am down to only a few a day it's time.
YEA ME!!!  
Here i go. To the unknown abyss. This will be so much easier now.
Why put myself through the pain if there is another way. Here i am rationally
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Well. I am here to say persistence does pay off.
My doctor gave me the clonidine!!!  
I haven't got it yet. Still waiting for the pharmacy to fill it.
I still have 204 of my norcos 10. He said he wanted me to keep on my taper???????
I told him i just want to stop!!!
Do i keep some of them. Just in case?  Alright i already know the answer to that. Ha ha ha. Ya right.  I have been really good on my taper.
And now i am down to only a few a day it's time.
YEA ME!!!  
Here i go. To the unknown abyss. This will be so much easier now.
Why put myself through the pain if there is another way. Here i am trying to think rationally, (my mind is bad) so please don't take it to heart. If i say something. Off the wall.
Thanks everyone for your continued support.
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Did you flush the norco yet?
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Lol.  I knew it.  I just knew that was coming.
That was a good laugh.  
Yepper. All gone. Gave to my daughter to get rid of.  
I'm in my motor home.   didn't want to over dose the system.  
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Good job!  Have a positive attitude, and that will help SO much!  You can do this.  Just be careful not to over-take the clonidine in any way.  Just a friendly warning, not that you would do that.  It can bottom out your BP and cause you to pass out.  Used correctly, it can really help and isn't addictive in any way! : ) Good for you!
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You should be so proud of yourself for getting rid of those pills.  I was afraid you were going to hang onto them.
You have just made my day.

Keep posting.  
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I have read that most take 3x a day???????
Doc only wants me to take one before bed???  
I think he wants me to taper and only take these at night. I told him i don't want to do that.
Picked up meds and only one a day.  
I guess i will see tonight how it goes.  
Took only 2 pills today. 6:30 am and 10:30 am. Only because i had a long drive and did not want to run out of energy on my way.  
Now it been 7 1/2 hours and i don't know when i should take the clonidine??? How long does it take to start working???
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Great job eliminating the norcos!!!!!!!!  You're on the runway now......
no pills since 10:30 am today?  Right?  You can do this!!!  Your plane is taking off for your new life......smilin for you~

I took clonidine for a short time.  My dr prescribed it once/day, too.
I chose to take it at night.  Because of what LeaAnn said, it can make you tired and slow you down, but at one/day I wouldn't think that would be the case.  It wasn't for me, anyhow.  If I had done the "dr advised" taper, I would have strung out my misery forever.  Might as well get r done!

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Got that tracker going already!!!  Good for you......ACTION will be your friend and so will I.

Blessings to you~
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Thanks all of you.
Yes on the tracker. I have a planner i write all down in. But i figure two is better than one.  Lol.
What I'm i gonna do now. Told my doc. I was on pain contact with him.
So it's all over for me.
just took my first one at 7.
No turning back now.  
If you don't see me posting, it's because i can't. I will see how this goes tonight. I just read that 30 mins the clonidine will start to work.
Thank you all.  I have a long road ahead of me, i know it.
There is no other choice.

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I really don't think it's going to be that bad for you.  Stay positive and don't expect the worst.  You did a good taper and you have the clonidine.  
The first 2 days aren't usually too bad anyway so just relax.
Fear is the worst part of this.
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it is the crawling in the arms that i cannot take. the hot/cold is horrible too.
I am ready i think, ready or not. im on my way.
thanks Pat.
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I made it the first night. Was hell. It's now 24 hours since last dose.
I now know what you were feeling. LeaAnn.
"It makes you feel kinda like walking through deep mud, barefooted"
I'm dealing though. Real slow today.
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Hang in there!  After today you should start noticing an improvement.  I'm on day 3 today...doing better and knowing each day is better from here is a real motivator.  :)   Rest as much as you can.  
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I'm sorry! : ( It's the clonidine PLUS withdrawal doing it.  What I mean is....withdrawal causes fatigue and lack of energy and so does clonidine.  Both mixed is kinda miserable to try to move around, but you're getting it done!  Just move slowly.  Get up slowly.  Like you have a choice, right?  The clonidine should help the sweats and hot cold flashes some.  Think about how bad it would be if you were not taking it?  And if you hadn't done a taper?  Some people (me!) just STOP from a very high dose, and it definitely is misery, but it's doable because it's basically pretty quick for the REEEEEALLY bad part.  Right now, you're probably feeling as bad as you're gonna feel, and that will last a few days, getting better after about 72 hours!  I know that sounds terrible because 5 minutes seem like a year, but it will be over soon, and you can do it! : )  
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My heart is not racing. That's good. Just really slow moving.
I feel like there are waves of something running up the back of my neck into my head. Weird.
The best thing is I'm still functional
What is really nice. Today is the first day in a while the sun is out. Beautiful day. Must be a sign. I'm going to try and get out later today.
Not really hungry. I spent all those days on the taper. Stuffing food into me  hoping that will help me in the days to come.
Really emotional day today.
Thanks everyone. This site is helping me get my life back..
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Just remember, this too shall pass.   :)   That's what I keep telling myself.  
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Your doing great.  Fake it till you make it from here on out. Your functional, (zoo amazing what the human body will endure). Keep going. Exercise, hot tubs for muscle aches and anxiety. Keep the music going and keep telling yourself....For today, I won't use. Your strength and resilance is so inspiring. The emotions will level out as the brain heals. Doing well, can't wait to see your 30 day post.
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Just checking in.  How are you feeling now?
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