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I have been a member since April,  I have posted only the last couple of months. I thought yesterday I posted a very important question and not but one person replyed.  I am not putting anyone down so don't take this the wrong way if it were not for this web site I would have never gone to my doctor and told him I wanted off of oxy.  I would still be getting the normal scripts.  There have been several times I have asked questions and with no reply.  I would just like to know what questions do you guys answer?  So I know what to ask and what not to ask so i can get a reply.

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I think everyone here tries to answer all questions...i suppose when more people are around, more people will be able to give responses to your question.

I am sorry if your questions have been unanswered but please dont let this stop you from posting in the future......everyone here..... is here to help.

Try reposting your question....

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Yes please do try reposting your question. There's no right or wrong question but sometimes the board will be so active that I can post a question and within an hour it's on page 2!!!
This is a kind group of people on her, please be patient and try again!
Also I came off of Oxy so if you want to send me a PM I would be happy to talk with you about it.
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hi, sorry your post didnt get answered.  sometimes there are not many ppl here and others there are so many the post disappear.  we all tend to answer the questions we know the most about.  maybe no one was on that had knowledge of your question.  please dont give up.  try again.  i snorted oxys and would be gald to talk with you about it.  i have been clean for almost 8 months....let me know if i can help.
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Obviously there is no right or wrong questions to ask, you are asking questions that you are curious about.  Some people are not interested in the same things as other people and some people honestly don't know the answer to your questions so they just simply don't respond.  I would not take this personally at all.....
Repost your question.
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