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teri9498 has 30 days methadone free!!!!!!

HI everyone God I love posting these I just wish I got to all of them but I meet Teri a few mo ago tapering off methadone with the usual symptoms we set her up on the right vitamins protein shakes and the rest is her hard work breaking free 2mg at a time.......methadone is not like the pills your in it for months to get off the stuff Teri was a super trooper had few complaints and other then sleep she is doing fabulous also to note her B/F came off at the same time so a big congrats to both of them so congrats on 30 days Teri may your recovery go well and may God bless you abundantly your friend Mark      
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congrats teri  your kick butt that's awesome fir yous both mwah
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way to go teri !!! congrats on 30 days clean and free of the done.....am soooo happy for ya !!! woot woot and keep up the great work :)
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WOW! So proud of you! You give others such hope  and inspiration. Time to treat yourself to something really special. Way to go!
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Congrats on your clean time, 30 days is great!
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  thanks guys soooo much!...your support and kind words mean so much!!!!...I wouldn't have made it this far without all my special, awesome MedHelp friends!!!!....
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Congrats Teri, from what i have read meth is quite a battle.  Good for you.
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Congrats to the both of you on getting clean!  May you continue in your recovery and find many blessings on the way~~sara
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Congrats on 30 days!!
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