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the energy loss is a dealbreaker

`hey all. Ive been clean since the 21st of january from everything from oxys, roxys perks and even D. I have absolutely zerooooooo energy. My mail issue is im scheduled to go back to work next week and i do heavy construction(in which i need a vast amount of energy) I also have a 6 month pregnant wife and i cant afford to take off of work cuz im tired... cry me a river... i just need to know how to get my levels up withut reverting back to using to get my energy back.
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Sorry to hear you don't have any energy. Have you tried l-tyrosine? It has worked really well for me so far.
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Exercise my friend!!  Get out and wear yourself out and force a run or very brisk walk for at least 30 minutes. But......it always takes me at least 21 days to really start to get the energy back and it sounds like your use was very similar to mine. It will come back and soon. I remember getting back out there and the first day was rough but once you get it over with you will be relieved and I repeat, your energy will come back........unless you use !
Great job on the days you have put in so far!    and welcome!  ;))
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Congrats on your 3 weeks!!!  Just think by the time you have to return to work you'll have made your 30 DAY, ONE WHOLE MONTH milestone!!

As Readytolive said, L-Tyrosine would help....take on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.  There are some tips and more info in our Re-Posted Thomas Recipe below in our "Most Viewed Health Pages".  If you haven't checked it out....you ought to...it has helped a lot of people.

Also, any way you can increase your cardio exercise...like every day between now and when you have to return to work.  Even walking daily is very helpful.  Any thing at all you can do to naturally boost your endorphins  will help.  I'll put a link below...it mentions L-Tyrosine too as well as other ideas like spicy foods, laughing, music, chocolate, sex, certain foods, etc. that can help boost endorphins.  You're doing good....did you cut your sources and get some aftercare going yet?  Best insurance policies in the world!!  Hope you've got those bases covered~

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You are at a very dangerous place. Your energy is down, and you have posted excuses as to why you might have to use again, i.e., a heavy construction job, a pregnant wife. But you are missing the point of recovery - your head will come up with all sorts of reasons to relapse. The ones you've listed sound good, solid, BUT they are excuses.
You work in heavy construction - not a good place to use meds. You will be having a child soon - does that child deserve a father who is an addict?
The loss of energy is not a deal breaker - your addict's mind has latched on to your excuses and is feeding you a bunch of crap. Please don't give in. I have three children. I used during the most important years of their childhood. They are all in college now, and I can never get that time back. Don't put your life in any further danger, and don't deny your child the father that they deserve.
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I hear ya on the no energy but your just around the corner of getting better. I take the l-tyrosine (gnc) with b6 up to 4000 mg a.day. It does seem to help. It won't be super human energy (like were all looking for, lol) but its better than where your at now. I also found something called percieve at gnc which is helping with some mental fatigue. Just some.options.
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First I want to give you a high five for being clean since Jan 21st...that's huge. I understand this energy loss..I have only been 4 days so finally its out of my system:) I want this really bad... The more clear headed I become the more I am saddened by my selfishness and length of time I used pills to function and feel better all around.... your brain is still rewiring. Have you considered jogging? Hitting the pavement? Even with no energy..its a way to get your natural endorphins going.
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I have to be honest, sometimes I miss the energizer bunny that I was while using.  But at what cost....we all paid a very HIGH price to be here in recovery, you have come so far....I look forward to 21 days.  I'm only at 6.  So, hearing you have 3 weeks, really encourages ME.  Please don't give in.....besides, this is such a roller coaster, by the time it comes for you to go back to work you may feel totally different than today, nothing stays the same but change....and remember ... when you feel there is a dealbreaker on your shoulder it is your DISEASE talking!!!
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Very true statement there. I miss the energizer bunny too! B/C everything around me seems to be falling to ****, but, who cares if my house isn't clean, or my yard looks like crap, or my family us eating soup and.sandwich now 2 -  3 times a week, lol, I need to work on me now! I've given them 25 years, u can take a couple of months! It's my turn!
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HI  welcome to the forum  as for the energy crash get up to walmart and pick up the whey protein shake mix a 2lb can only cost 15 bucks the chocolate flavor is good if mixed with milk take 2 shakes a day this will help get some of the amino acids as well as jump starting you with the added protein this is not a quick fix there is not one but...this is one of the major building blocks that will help you get over this a bit faster in conjunction with exercise it will help give that a try and keep posting....................................Gnarly.....................................
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thanks kyle... im def not saying i want to use again and the main reason is i want my life back and i used when my first daughter was born and so on and i cant rationalize using again for n reason. yes my addict brain will latch on to any reason to use again but i know im stronger than that, i need to stay clen for myself, and my family. and to respond to ricart70, yes im in iop and i go to n/a meetings almost everyday. i really appreciate everyones input.thank you
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