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wanting to quit suboxone while pregnant

Can you quit suboxone cold turkey while pregnant?  Anyone done this?   I am 7 months pregnant and on 16mg sometimes less.  Thanks
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Hello and welcome. NO you can not quick suboxone cold turkey at 16 mgs while pregnant. That is a very high dose. You will be extremely sick for a long time and the baby would be too.
Have you been getting your suboxone from a doctor?
Does your Ob know you are on it?
You need to talk with your doctors right away. Most times a pregnant woman Is put on subutex.
A suboxone taper is slow and needs to be done right . A doctor has to give you a taper plan.
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Absolutely not!  16mg is a high dose, not to mention, like Debbie said above, because you're pregnant, you MUST handle this with your OB.  Trying to do this yourself can be dangerous.

I'm assuming your doc doesn't know you're on the Sub?  Reason I assume that is because pregnant women are always switched immediately to Subutex, which is much safer during pregnancy.  Suboxone is in a higher risk class of medications versus Subutex.

PLEASE talk with your OB right away so you can formulate a plan.  Your doc MUST know you are on this medication.  If you would continue into your labor without telling him, your baby will be placed in danger, because by the time the medical team identified that the baby was in w/ds (and at 16mg, they would likely be pretty severe)....the baby may end up in distress.  

Also, if you allow the above scenario to happen, then CYS will become involved, and likely they would take the baby while they sorted things out.  If you are honest with your doctor NOW, all of that can be avoided, and most importantly, you and baby can be kept safe.  Don't put it off, you need to handle this ASAP!  I'm sure you're scared, but it's the only safe option hon.

Best of luck to you....please let us know how you're doing!
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Any word on subutex only on .5 day as I cut down I quit cold turkey morphine at 4 weeks and was fine now back pain as I take this for pain not addiction as I’m only .5 mg but scared to quit as I feel so sick and pain off it at night is it safe to quit at 8 week preg subutex
Hi Blonde,

Thing's are a bit slow around here these days so it takes a few days to get a response sometimes.  Also you're commenting on an old thread so maybe best to start a new one.  I don't know the answer to your question but feel fairly certain it's one best asked of your doctor.  
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